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Federal and State Grants (how to)

$20B “TARGETED” EIDL Grants Stimulus Update 12/21

Congress gives small business owners a 50% increase in targeted relief to $20B EIDL GRANTS!

Eight New Grants and changes to the PPP Loan in the New Stimulus

Dec 19, 2020

Here are eight brand new grant programs that you can apply for immediately. Plus, there are going to be some exciting updates to the PPP program. The new stimulus package is close and these are the things that they’re proposing.

Best 7 Government Grants To Start A Business Or Take It To The Next Level

Best 7 Government Grants To Start A Business Or Take It To The Next Level

    1. Get Customers Overseas and $5,000 To Go Visit Them
      Contact your local office to learn about programs in your state:
      www.sba.gov/content/economic-d... Watch my interview with a government official explain these programs: youtu.be/Atj3-XemrGo
    2. How to Get Free Money Legally from Your Congressman
      Go here to find out how to contact your elected officials: votesmart.org Watch this video with an elected official explain how they can help taxpayers: youtu.be/LlW9yDuSIwI


  1. Experts Analyze Your Business for Free So You Can Double Your SalesGo here to find your local office: www.nist.gov/mep/
    Watch this video interview of a government official explain the program: youtu.be/o7KOF_vIcaM

EIDL Grant Timeline Update: NEW $10,000 Grant Eligibility Calculator

EIDL grant update: How to get the EIDL grant? SBA EIDL grant portal. EIDL grant application. PPP Round 1& 2 Apply Free Online: www.womply.com/maxmaher/?utm_... Download EIDL 2 Eligibility Calculator Here: mailchi.mp/d79b252245be/eidl2 My in-depth moving company course: max-maher.teachable.com/p/mov... Get 2 FREE Stocks Valued Between $12-$1600 when you deposit $100 into a WeBull brokerage account: act.webull.com/t/X1eTd9ityFvU... Get your "P R O F I T A B L E" merch here: teespring.com/stores/max-maher Subscribe for a profitable day: bit.ly/2HdKrSI Get emailed to be notified of new posts and exclusive content. No sales. No BS. eepurl.com/gWantb Check out my blog for more content: maxwellmaher.co

Funding for your non-profit

How to Use Grants.Gov to Find Federal Grants

DrRickHoefer takes through the process of finding grant funding on the grants.gov site.

EIDL Loan Grant Update [more money and distributions] Aug 21, 2020

In this video I'm talking about the EIDL loan grant update for August 11th 2020. The EIDL advance grant is over but a second round might be in the next stimulus package. 11 senators are pushing for more funding and a second round of the EIDL advance grant and EIDL loans. The update to the current EIDL loan and the limits on distribution of assets was clarified in an email received from the SBA. The use of the EIDL loan funds has not changed but the limits on distribution of assets has now been answered.

How to Apply for Federal Grants – One of the Writing Grant Proposals Series

How to Apply for Federal Grants - One of the Writing Grant Proposals Series


If I have not applied should I apply now?: start=374

Here are 3 Steps to getting funded. 1. Pass the bill as pinned in comments and get all legitimate small business owners, sole proprietors and independent contractors $10,000 EIDL CASH ADVANCE WITHIN 72 HOURS. 2. If you have a credit score of 570 or higher help small business owners win reconsideration for DENIAL OR INCREASE. 3. Work like hell to get the ENTIRE EIDL LOAN FORGIVEN within 6 months before the first payments become due. NEW PPP has a formula of serving small business of 300 employees or less and if you can show a 50% decline in revenue year over year. It wouldn’t surprise me if the same parameters are used with respect to possible EIDL loan forgiveness. EIDL LOAN FORGIVENESS is an absolute long shot and offers NO GUARANTEES. But the same guy who helped get this new Senate bill to the one yard line will fight like hell to get it done.