"If you do little to nothing to oppose the abuse of power, you are in fact contributing to the demise of society as a whole and in particular, this nation."

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
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Petitions to stop fracking and keystone pipeline

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Keep Toxic Fracking Waste Off U.S. Waterways Tell the Coast Guard to Protect the Drinking Water For Millions of Americans!

Shipping Toxic Fracking Waste on Our Waterways is Too Dangerous.

Barge on Mississippi.

Tell the Coast Guard: Don’t Ship Fracking Waste on U.S. Waterways. The oil and gas industry wants to ship toxic fracking waste down our nation’s waterways. They are creating millions upon millions of gallons of toxic fracking waste every year, and running out of places to dump it, so they want to take it downstream to dump in places like Ohio, Louisiana and Texas.

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Tell your state legislators: Urge Governor Brown to impose a moratorium on fracking

November 13, 2013

Tell your state legislators: Urge Governor Brown to impose a moratorium on fracking

Under pressure from activists, Governor Brown is now playing defense to publicly justify his policy of allowing fracking in California.1 2

Now we have a major opportunity to crank up the heat and make it clear to Governor Brown that his legacy as an environmentalist is on the line. sign petition

Tell Governor Brown to Ban Fracking Now

November 08, 2013

Governor Brown has been quoted saying fracking “can’t happen” in the Monterey Shale until an environmental review is complete. This is just not true.

California is already being fracked. We need the Governor to act immediately to protect our state by banning fracking now. sign petition

Toxic cloud of tar sands waste travels from Detroit to Canada

August 02, 2013

Pete Coke Air borne_sm

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A dust cloud which flew over Detroit and into Windsor this week was found to carry elevated traces of lead, sulfur, zinc and vanadium, which is possibly cancer-causing in humans in prolonged or elevated exposure, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a France-based organization.

source: rt.com/usa/tar-sands-cloud-detroit-canada-975/

Footage of Aging Tar Sands Pipelines Beneath Great Lakes

Sunken Hazard - NWF Dives underwate

This past July, 2013 National Wildlife Federation (NWF) conducted a diving expedition to obtain footage of aging oil pipelines strung across one of the most sensitive locations in the Great Lakes, and possibly the world: the Straits of Mackinac. Footage of these pipelines has never been released to the public until now.

Ban fracking in Los Angeles County

Big Oil has plans to massively expand fracking in a huge section of the state–roughly 1,750 square miles from Southern to Central California, from Modesto to San Diego County–putting our precious water, our farms, and our health at risk. sign petition

Protect our water from dangerous fracking

Three different communities showed evidence of groundwater contamination linked to nearby fracking activity. The EPA started investigating, but abruptly shut these investigations down.

fracking100kLast month, the EPA’s own internal watchdog said that the risk faced by residents in Parker County is undetermined. The EPA is supposed to protect us from powerful companies, but it seems to be backing down from oil and gas companies.

Demand safe water for all. Tell the EPA to reopen its investigations into dangerous fracking that puts groundwater in danger.

Obama on Keystone XL Pipeline project

obama fast track on Keystone

Obama promises a fast-track on building the Keystone XL pipeline. All red tape and committees work reduced or eliminated. Our U.S. government is no longer stewards for our national security but instead these individuals trusted in upholding the Constitution have bene destabilizing the environment, weather and the U.S. currency. (caption by Michael Jefferson)

Obama’s Promise to Fast Track Keystone XL Disregards all Laws

Tell the Obama administration: Drop your court challenge of Texas Landowner Mike Bishop

Texas landowner Mike Bishop – a former Marine who has been representing himself in court – scored a major victory earlier this week, when a judge moved forward his case alleging that the Army Corps of Engineers illegally granted permits to TransCanada without conducting public hearings or a study of the water risk of a worst-case pipeline leak. sign petition

Tar Sands Oil Extraction – The Dirty Truth

Dirty Oil

Medical gag order’ on health risks from fracking

November 01, 2013

Earlier this month (October), a research team out of Duke University examined Pennsylvania wastewater and found what they described as “alarmingly” high levels of radioactivity, salts, metals, and other potentially harmful sediments.

Yet the “medical gag rule” forbids doctors like Rodriguez from going into depth about the health problems that chemicals from fracking can cause. Critics have said the bill’s passage, and the court’s refusal to grant Dr. Rodriguez the right to speak freely with his patients, is an indication of just how entrenched the oil and gas lobby is in state politics. ref: rt.com/usa/medical-gag-rule-risks-fracking-053/

Artist Against Fracking

Don’t Frack New York

imagine no fracking

Yoko Ono and Artists Against Fracking Find Out What Fracking Has Done to Pennsylvania from JFOX.

Now is an especially important time to let Governor Cuomo know: Don’t Frack New York! Add your name below if you’re a New Yorker who wants to keep our air and water clean. take action

Demand A Fracking Moratorium on our Public Lands!

The oil and gas industry is targeting our national forests, wildlife refuges and other cherished wildlands for dangerous fracking — and the Obama Administration is preparing to let them run roughshod over our natural heritage. Also at stake: the health of surrounding communities and clean drinking water for millions of Americans. Call on President Obama to rein in the fracking juggernaut by imposing a fracking moratorium on all federal lands.

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Submit a Public Comment on California’s Draft Fracking Regulations

Tell DOGGR and Governor Brown that these weak regulations aren’t good enough. We need a ban. sign petition

H.R. 2279: Reducing Excessive Deadline Obligations Act of 2013

The US House of Representatives was busy gutting federal hazardous-waste cleanup law

This bill was in response to the West Virginia toxic spill of January 9, 2014 which contaminated drinking water for over 300,000 residents. The House voted in a bill which would limit the powers of the EPA. Vote to oppose H.R. 2279 so that corporations are held accountable for the environment.

The three bills that comprise H.R. 2279 weaken the nation’s hazardous waste laws and place American communities at increased risk of toxic exposure and financial liability in the following ways.

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Vote to oppose H.R. 2279 so that corporations are held accountable for the environment.