Turkey-Russia Relations

Timeline on the Turkey-Russia Relations on Syria Crisis

By Dan Betts - Brisbane, Australia

October 9, 2015

Some information/events that might help make sense of the escalation of hostilities between Turkey and Russia:

  • Turkey is one of the primary funders and supporters of Islamic State
  • Turkey threatened Russia, saying they would create terrorist attacks in Crimea
  • Putin responded by saying Turkey's ambitions in Syria are done, and he'll see Syria turned into an un-defeatable stronghold, a giant Stalingrad
  • Turkish Stream is placed on hold. Turkey says indefinitely
  • Turkey starts airstrikes on the Kurds, fearing Russia will help them create a Kurdistan on Turkey's southern border
  • A month later, Russia enters Syria
  • Turkey talks about blocking Russian Navy moving through Istanbul
  • NATO removes anti-air defense systems that Russia has made inoperable with its advanced electronic warfare
  • Turkey complains about minor incursions in their airspace, and makes threats to supply Islamic State with anti-air
  • Russia demonstrates that they can hit any part of Turkey from the Caspian Sea, and it would seem initiates some kind of winding down of trade
  • EU begins to turn towards Russia, and the US pulls funding for Islamic State
  • Turkey, feeling a little exposed and starting to feel the economic pinch now backpeddles.

    Too little too late?

    Either way, Russia isn't going to stop now until Islamic State is a bad memory. And just to spite Turkey, Kurdistan may become a reality.

Map of Syria – Turkey

Syria map