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Jesse Ventura - Future President of the United States?

Produced in 2012, Jesse Ventura talks about what it would take to become President, our broken political system & the biggest problems in politics today ➤ This is from the exclusive Jesse Ventura shoot interview! Find out how former WWF (WWE, WWWF) star and Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura says he could be President today. During the production of this interview, Vince McMahon's wife Linda McMahon was running for Senate in Connecticut. Jesse Ventura had just released his new book "Democrips & Rebloodlicans" which ripped the two party system and even foreshadows some of the problems we face today. Would you like to see Jesse Ventura as President if he gets the nomination for the Green Party?


Krystal and Saagar discuss Jesse Ventura's possible run for president, as the former Minnesota governor said he is, "testing the waters," for the Green Party bid in the 2020 election.

A quote from a Youtube poster: "I’m Hispanic and veteran and live in AZ my family and I will vote for Jesse, and work hard to get him elected. I’m in."

Jesse Ventura Interested In Presidential Run For 2020

Jesse Ventura for President

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