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001 – Solar Mini Split Air Conditioner Runs 24/7/365 Day & Night

My model is no longer available: 9000 KBtu Midea 110V SEER 24.4 However, I have found another model that, in some ways, is even better than mine: 1. $450 cheaper 2. Heater works all the way down to -5 degrees F 3. Same day shipping (it arrives as fast as 3 days) 4. Everything is included (I had to pay extra for my installation kit). Here is what I found: Pioneer Mini Split Heat Pump 22.5 SEER-9000 BTU-110V https://amzn.to/2kP7ZEM Erickson 07605 Pick-Up bed Extender https://amzn.to/351euXd RV Square Bumper Hitch Receiver https://amzn.to/30fDIl3

Incredible BIG Modern Tiny House With Amazing Storage

This beautiful Hampton-style inspired home in Queensland, Australia is absolutely packed full of super clever small space design and storage ideas. At 12 meters in length (39ft) one is big as far a tiny homes go and each and every inch of this tiny house has been ingeniously utilised to create a stunning and functional home. This is a tiny house that really does have it all. Modern, with design inspiration borrowed from Hampton homes, this tiny house on wheels has all the modern features, including smart home control and even an incinerating toilet. The heavy duty gooseneck trailer allows for greater weight allowance and a single level design to future proof the home for Colin and Megan who plan to retire in the home. The larger home construction has allowed the couple to downsize from their previous family home, without needing to compromise on their needs. Colin previously worked as a cabinet maker and his skill is evident throughout the home's construction where he has thoroughly through through each and every inch of the homes design and added some incredibly clever features, especially when it comes to the homes ample storage!

How to Convert a Van into an Off-Grid Camper with NO EXPERIENCE

Before we got started with van life, Lou and I loved to watch van conversion videos that chronicled the entire van build in one video. And ever since we finished our van Ody last year, we've been wanting to make a video that shows the entire 6-month process of turning our 38-year-old Mercedes 307d (the old-school sprinter) into our dream tiny home on wheels. We've been living in the van for over a year now and feel so proud of all the hard work that got us here and are definitely reaping the van life rewards of those hundreds of hours of labor. Doing a van conversion with no experience is definitely a huge undertaking, but if you can keep a positive mindset it can be an incredibly transformative experience. We learned so much about construction, plumbing, and electrical and honestly a lot of that knowledge came from watching Youtube videos, so we hope that this video can give back to the ecosystem that served us so well. Lou and I always knew that we wanted to do a fully off-grid conversion, so we opted for a huge 110-liter water tank, three solar panels, and a large battery. I know the specifics are very important for anyone hoping to build their own van, so I made a blog post that goes into more detail about our build - https://www.wildweroam.com/blog/our-v... We hope that this video inspires you whether you want to do your own van conversion, jump right into van life with a ready-made van, or are eager to start a totally different kind of project. I'm so grateful we got to build Ody in such a unique environment. Life with Alfie and the donkeys is something I will cherish forever and for those of you who have been around for a while, I hope this video was a wonderful way to reminisce about those months in Spain.

Wild Rocky Land, Started NorCal Off-Grid Watertopia

Dwight Streamfellow was a college junior when he bought a piece of cheap river-front land to start a homestead. He was a city boy (partly in Washington DC where his father was a senator) so he planned to learn-by-doing on how raw land in the rugged mountains of Northern California’s Six Rivers National Forest. The property cost him only $11,000 back in 1976, but soon he had built his own home (much of it with hand tools) and was growing his own food, pumping water from the river to irrigate his garden & orchard, and powering his homestead with photovoltaic and firewood (for heat and his hot tub/bathtub).

Mini Split Air Condition Setup In Custom RV Build **Concealed**

003 – Solar System Install For Mini Split Air Conditioner

Hi campers. I'm David. After much convincing by friends in my traveling group, I have decided to create this YouTube channel to share with you a few ideas to hopefully make your journey a better one. Having retired from the robotics industry and engineering design, I'm always looking for ways to permanently unplug our 24' Class C RV from the campground pedestal to more fully enjoy all of the beautiful places this great country has to offer. So you are most welcome to come join me at the campfire as we share our quest for freedom, in comfort. Remember, there is always room for one more out here. I'll see you then. I'm Gone Boondocking 😉

Top Storage Ideas For Tiny Homes

In good tiny house design, it's essential that you have enough space for all your things and in this video we explore some super clever storage ideas that we have seen on the show so far. To check out the full tour of any of these homes, you can find links below.