Chi and QiGong

Just Stop This & Your All Energy Blockages Will Be Cleared In 3 Days

Aug. 21, 2022 - Louise explains how we can use our mind power to attract anything we want into our lives-more money, a rewarding career, fulfilling relationships, and more fun! Feeling "not good enough,’ fearing success, and beliefs about money are a few of the feelings and patterns that can prevent us from having a prosperous life. Once we stop our self-criticism and learn to move beyond our limitations, we will begin attracting more "good" into our lives.

Master Chunyi Lin | ”A Life Without Pain and Anxiety” – The Qigong Technique

March 25, 2022 - Everything is energy. Energy is endless. It doesn’t die it just transforms into something new every time nature demands it. We tend to feel like this process is out of our control, but it isn’t. With the body movements of Qi Gong, an ancient Chinese practice, we can learn how to cultivate the energy in our bodies and direct it to our benefit. We can lower our blood pressure, diminish anxiety, improve our focus, and even prevent diseases. It may seem too good to be true, but it is not. Scientific research has backed up these affirmations time and time again. The world of Qi gong is waiting for you. You just have to start feeling the energy. It has the power to help you to transform. Transform what? Transform anything.

The Physiology of Tai Chi and QiGong

What Is Qi Gong? Taoist Master Explains Power of Qi and Philosophy

What is Qi Gong (sometimes spelt Chi Kung)? Master Gu guides us through the history, philosophy and transformative power of this ancient Chinese wellness practice.... ☯ Learn Qi Gong with Master Gu on his online wellness academy. All filmed in the beautiful Wudang Mountains. Start learning for free with his Taoist Wellness wisdom newsletter!: ⏩⏩

HOW TO STRENGTHEN YOUR CHI | Mantak Chia on London Real

Taken from our episode with Master Mantak Chia WATCH THE FULL EPISODE FOR FREE: FREE FULL EPISODES:

Five Steps of Fire Starting!! Chi Master and Energy Harness Technique!

Aug. 25, 2022 - Starting a fire with nothing more than the power of Chi.

Chi is a power within everything. It can be harnessed to heal and to uplift your energy.