Hair Loss for Balding Men

How to Reverse Hair Loss, BALDING, Tthinning and grow thick beautiful hair

How to Reverse Hair Loss and balding

How to Make Hair Grow in Bald Spots

How to Make Hair Grow in Bald Spots

Best solution to fight with hairfall ANTI DHT DIET PLAN (My true story)

Best solution to fight with hairfall ANTI DHT DIET PLAN (MY TRUE STORY)

The Hair Loss DHT Myth: Baldness Cure Debunked

For men: baldness is a key systematic instances of: heart disease and metabolic syndrome. The list of alerts of balding men:

  • Chronically Elevated Cortisol Levels
  • Chronically Elevated Estrogen Levels (there is a feedback loop between cortisol and estrogen where they both increase one another over time as well)
  • Low Thyroid Function Liberation of Free Fatty Acids In The Blood, which stimulates Estrogen production Chronically Elevated Prolactin Levels Mucopolysaccharide accumulation in the scalp tissue (Matrix for Calcification)
  • Drops in protective hormone levels like Progesterone, with the simultaneous increase in stress hormone levels like cortisol and estrogen (This ratio matters)

Control and balance these hormones through proper nutrition, micro-nutrient correction, and stress management and you will reverse your hair loss. Let’s look at some specific recommendations. I wanted to make sure I put together an action plan for anyone who needs to stop and find a hair loss remedy for receding hairline, hair regrowth, and baldness cure: First off, controlling excess Estrogen: to control estrogen I recommend taking the following 4 step approach: Methylate the estrogen in your system (choline and betaine) Lose extra body fat above 15% Supplement with, or up the dietary intake of Vitamin A, K2, and D Drastically reduce your exposure to estrogenics in your environment and diet If you're interested in seeing me formulate a natural supplement for hair regrowth, please sign up for the Waiting List here - Follow Me On Social Media: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Personal Instagram: Truth Nutra Products: Shop For Supplements - Shop For Books - Shop For Apparel - Use code "YOUTUBE" For 10% Off! source:

How I Fixed My Hairline WITHOUT Medication

Aug 3, 2022 - How to Microneedle: The Microneedle Device I Use (I use the 12-needle attachment):

How to Reverse Hair Loss: 6 Secrets for Reversing Hair Loss

The cause of hair loss is linked to an increase in an androgen hormone called DHT (DiHydroxy Testosterone). Managing this and other hormones is key to halting and reversing hair loss.

In this video I go over the 6 compounds that you should be consuming to balance your hormones and keep your hair full and healthy.

  1. Saw Palmetto is an herb that's been shown to block DHT. Supplement with 1500mg per day
  2. Adaptogenic Herbs help your body adapt and deal with stress, balance hormones and reduce cortisol levels (also known as the aging hormone). Ashwaganda and Rhodiola are two of the adaptogenic herbs that help stop and reverse hair loss. Take 500mg of each per day.
  3. Pumpkin Seed Oil is packed with zinc which has been shown to stop hair loss. Supplement with 1 Tbsp per day.
  4. B-Complex vitamins - Biotin helps thicken your hair naturally and Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) supports your adrenal glands
  5. Zinc boosts your immune system and repair your gut
  6. Omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil) reduce inflammation and balance hormones, Look for a high quality fish oil like Axe Naturals, Garden of Life or Nordic Naturals.Bonus Tip: Grains and sugars feed bad bacteria, cause estrogen to increase, and cause DHT to increase which promotes hair loss.See more healthy videos and articles on my website

Nettle Root Benefits (Includes hair growth/DHT blocker)

The Hair Loss a DHT Myth: Baldness Cure Debunked

August 28, 2018

The cause of hair loss has already been solved. The research exists, and it’s sitting right in plain sight, where anyone can find it. I’ll show it to you today. It becomes the truth about actually solving hair loss matters very little to big Pharma and science right now, hell they are literally making billions of dollars per year by not solving the problem, sounds like cancer too.

Scalp Massage For Hair Growth

Oct. 10, 2022 - If you’ve heard that scalp tension is related to hair loss but aren’t sure exactly how this works, you’re watching the right video. I’m going to break it down for you in plain English. And then I’m going to show you various easy ways of treating the problem at its root. I can promise you that after watching this video, you‘ll never see hair loss in quite the same light.