What Is Hyperianism

Your Body Is An Illusion – Hyperianism

Have you ever felt like you weren't your body? That's because you're something so much more. But first you must realize that you don't live in a material reality. You live in a reality of living frequency patterns. Discover what you are at www.iamhyperian.com

A red apple is red because it absorbs all color frequencies but red.

What Is Hyperianism?

Ontological mathematics is the rational core of Hyperianism. It's the science of the future that proves the shocking truth that the world is not material but a collective dream, that so-called “matter” is an illusion, and the ultimate reality is a domain of pure mind. This is not a belief but a deductive, mathematical certainty. Ontological Mathematics was originally leaked to the public via a controversial hidden society operating under various pseudonyms. Since then, it has taken the world by storm. Ontological mathematics isn’t any one person’s idea. It’s a new way of thinking that is championed by the greatest thinkers of the age. Nearly 100 books have been written about it by various authors and independent ontological mathematics research groups are appearing around the world. Ontological mathematics and Hyperianism is a global phenomenon.We have made the groundbreaking knowledge of our system available to all by introducing the reader to the foundational concepts of ontological mathematics in an accessible way. This text assumes the reader has only minimal philosophical knowledge, and it is written in such a way that anyone can begin learning the mathematics of our system.Imagine living in a time and place where the Earth is believed to be flat and humans created by a god. Now imagine you discover a book containing many astounding facts of science such as the spheroidal shape of the Earth and evolution. How exciting would that be? As you read the book, your entire perspective of reality would change. Your world would never be the same. This is such a book.You currently exist in a time and place where existence is viewed as material. This book reveals that the world is in fact a shared dream. Ontological mathematics is the study of the mathematical wave nature of existence. This is not a reality of matter, rather, it’s a reality mind, of thought. And what is thought? Thoughts are mathematical sinusoidal waves. So ontological mathematics is the study of the mathematical waveforms of mind that make up all of existence and your very being. The spacetime world isn’t a material reality at all. It’s the Holos, which is a mathematical Fourier projection from a frequency singularity known as the Source.When properly understood and integrated, the information within this text will change your existence forever and elevate you to a new level of consciousness. This is the science of the future that one day soon will be taught in every school throughout the world.You are a Mind. Existence is Thought. The World is a Dream. The Science of the Future is Here.

What is Hyperianism?

Hyperians are the next evolutionary step. We are taking humanity higher. Read the Unity Document Free on Amazon and our site: iamhyperian.com/theunitydocument

Origins of Hyperianism

This video discusses some of the sources for the knowledge from which Hyperianism has evolved. Music is Gnossienne No. 1 by Erik Satie, performed by Paul Barton.

Comment: "There is no individuals, there is just the being, whose will is expressed through maths. Its a dream, there is just one mind in a dream. Different shapes and expressions, just one will."

Nothing Exist (Hyperianism) = Zero Or Nothingness (is the foundation) Which Describes the Equation Of the Co-Existence of: Matter, Events, Space And Time

Sept. 12, 2022 - Like that of the color black (a non color) possesses all colors, zero also contains all that is and all that is not.

What is Hyperianism? - The Mathematical System That Will Replace Science and Religion

We will reveal the details of Hyperianism, the mathematical system that will replace science and religion. The system of the future is here. Hyperianism will create a new world free from hateful religions. We will build a new culture that maximizes the freedom of the individual and the whole. A culture based on logic, reason, mathematics, compassion, and art. Everyone must be given the freedom and equal opportunity to become the best versions of themselves through learning, exploration and creativity. This means by understanding the mathematical nature of reality as well as learning through creating art, having connections with others, and experiencing love and sex in a consensual manner.