Full Show- US And Russia Back On The Brink Of War – 10-01-15

Full Show- US And Russia Back On The Brink Of War - 10-01-15

Israel’s growing involvement in Syria

‘Exposed and sickened’: Washington state sues federal govt. over nuclear waste safety threats

USA Hanford Nuclear Site Leaking Radioactive Waste HAZMAT - again

USA Hanford Nuclear Site Leaking Radioactive Waste HAZMAT Richland WASept 3-2015

Same issue with leaking holding tanks in 2012.

Two lawsuits filed on the same day in Washington state claim the government failed to protect workers against nuclear waste gas emissions at the Hanford nuclear waste site. In a 16-month period, 50 nuclear gas leak incidents were reported.

Two lawsuits filed on the same day in Washington state claim the government failed to protect workers against nuclear waste gas emissions at the Hanford nuclear waste site. In a 16-month period, 50 nuclear gas leak incidents were reported. read more

Prepare – World Impact on Syria

September 27, 2015

Russian Military Buildup in Syria Cause for ALARMRussian Military Buildup in Syria Cause for ALARM

Published on Sep 14, 2015

In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the Russian military buildup in Syria War 2015.

Lessig for President


This campaign for Lessig for US president 2016 is about a principle, not a person.

Lawrence Lessig is a father, a law professor, and an activist. He was born in South Dakota, raised in Pennsylvania, and educated across the world.

Learn more

Health Impact on Monsanto’s Roundup

Aug 28, 2015

Prolonged exposure to tiny amounts of Roundup – thousands of times lower than what is permitted in US drinking water – may lead to serious liver and kidney problems, a new study found.

If You Are Serving in the US Miltary – You May Want to Think Again

The Globalist is Attacking the U.S. and Russia

Sen. John McCain's plan to arm ISIS-linked Syrian rebels to shoot down Russian airplanes, which would likely spark World War 3. We also analyze the myth of "moderate" rebel groups because ISIS and ISIS-linked groups make up the vast majority of militants in Syria. Also, Joe Biggs is livestreaming from UT Austin where Second Amendment supporters are staging a counter-protest against a gun control group on campus. And geopolitical expert Joel Skousen explains what can plausibly happen next in Syria and why everyone should be paying attention.source: www.infowars.com/

The Economic Indicators Show NO Sign Of A Recovery – Prepare!

The Economic Indicators Show NO Sign Of A Recovery Episode 766a

September 22, 2015

Do not rely upon the news media to warn you of the state of US financial affairs. Take diligent steps to prepare to stock up on: food, toiletries, and medicate supplies.

Catalonia Secession from the Rest of Spain.

Hundreds of thousands rally for independence in Barcelona

September 11, 2015

Estimates of over 1.8 million people took to the streets in protest. The organizers said Friday’s rally is an attempt to show the will of the vast majority of the Catalan people and a last plea for a referendum on independence from Spain. The demonstration is “to be the last one with a vindicatory purpose,” said Carme Forcadell, former president of the ANC. source: www.rt.com/news/315070-catalan-independence-rally-barcelona/

Russian and Israeli Aircraft Narrowly Avoid Duel Over Syrian Coast

Russians demand explanation why Israeli aircraft off Syrian coast

October 9, 2015

A French website claims six Russian Sukhoi SU-30 SM fighter jets and four Israeli F-16s narrowly avoided engaging in an air duel off the Syrian coast.

The report has yet to be verified by other news organizations.

The Russian aircraft, en route to Cyprus from the Syrian Hmimim airbase, entered the flight path of the Israeli jets.

The Israelis avoided provoking the Russians and diverted at high speed toward Lebanon, according to the report.

The encounter prompted the Israelis to protest. The Russians responded by demanding an explanation why the Israeli Air Force is conducting flights off the Syrian coast.

“The incident was ignored by the major news agencies,” the French website reports.

Israel routinely enters Syrian airspace. In August, the Israelis conducted an airstrike against a vehicle on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights.

An Israeli army helicopter launched a number of rockets into Syria the same month, striking the transportation directorate and the governorate building in Quneitra.

More recently the IDF attacked Syrian military targets in the Golan Heights after errant Syrian mortar fire landed inside the Israeli occupied Golan.

Israel routinely enters Lebanese airspace, a practice condemned by the United Nations. The UN says the flights are in violation of Security Council decisions.

Americans bracing for September shocker

wallstreetDespite exorbitant executive salaries, record earnings on Wall Street and a surging dollar, an increasing number of forecasters are warning the feel-good data is severely skewered - a bit like a new coat of paint that used-car dealerships use to conceal the fact that a car's engine is shot. Indeed, many experts are giving the rickety US-made jalopy just months before the big collapse begins.

“You’re going to see a global stock market crash,” Celente told King World News. “There’s going to be panic on the streets from Wall Street to Shanghai, to the UK down to Brazil.”

“You’re going to see one market after another begin to collapse.” source: rt.com

Stop Eating Foods with Gluten – Harmful to all humans

Gluten (Pedestrian Question - What is Glutenglue protein) derived from: wheat, barely and rye can cause many kinds of diseases such as: heart disease, high blood pressure, ADD, cancer and multiple sclerosis (MS). Gluten can not be digest the gluten protein. Gluten is predominantly a cause of brain disease. All about gluten and leaky gut.

The Truth about Car Insurance

Consumers Report logo

ProgressiveConsumer Reports compared what five national insurers would charge sample adult drivers in states where they are all market leaders. And we found that Progressive was actually the second most expensive, on average, with an annual premium that was $597 higher than the lowest, from USAA.

What we found is that behind the rate quotes is a pricing process that judges you less on driving habits and increasingly on socioeconomic factors. These include your credit history . . . read more

Save the Polar Bear

Save the Polar Bear

Mother Earth has a soul and she is crying.

Button-Play_3 small-icon  Full documentary on Ice Bears

Sign Petition

Twenty-two Medical Studies That Show Vaccines Can Cause Autism

vaccine_vial_syringeConcerns regarding vaccinations continue to increase exponentially in light of all of the information and documentation that has surfaced over the past few years. As a result, corporate media has responded to alternative media, stating that the increase of persons who are choosing to opt out of vaccines and the recommended vaccine schedule is a result of ‘fear mongering.’ Rob Schneider Speaks Out Against Vaccines. read more

Big Brother’s Forced Vaccinations

Free Energy – The VMG624 Pulse Motor

The VMG624 Pulse Motor

Six reasons superbugs will be worse than Aids


The World Health Organisation has warned that there is an “antibiotics crisis” looming. What they mean is that antibiotics are becoming increasingly useless as resistance to them rises. Soon, we could very well run out of new antibiotics, which means we could start dying of the kinds of infections we learned how to treat 100 years ago.

The European Union (EU) is Starting to Break?

July 2, 2015

  • Over 100K Italians sign petition for Eurozone exit referendum: video
  • Austrians launch petition to quit European Union: see video
  • Italy Starts Movement To Leave The European Monetary Union: video

European Union FlagJust in: Greece and now residents of Austria, Petition Their Government to Leave the European Union. Over 20 years after the formation of the European Union, many residents of Europe are beginning to realize that the union is not in their best interests and that their governments have given them nothing but empty promises. European countries have found themselves deeper in debt and in worse economic situations than they were in prior to the creation of the union.

By: John Vibes source

David Wolfe on Neem Powder

David Wolfe on Neem PowderThe Health Benefits of Neem

A wide multitude of diseases or conditions can be successfully treated with various elements of neem. www.neemfoundation.org/


Stopping Nato and the spread of war
"Right at the beginning the first president of NATO made it absolutely clear what NATO was about. He said the purpose of NATO is this, to keep the Americans in, the Russians out and the Europeans down."
Are Obama And NATO Provoking Russia Into Nuclear War
"Russia will retaliate if U.S. tanks and heavy weapons are placed on its doorstep."


Plutonium being pumped into ocean through miles of underwater pipes

Aug 31, 2015

The dumping of nuclear waste in the sea was banned worldwide in 1993, yet the nuclear industry has come up with other ways. They no longer dump the barrels at sea; they build kilometers of underwater pipes through which the radioactive effluent now flows freely into the sea. read more

Vortex – Wormhole Threat Discovered

Vortex Wormhole Aug 28, 2015
The largest build-up of naval forces in the Gulf of Aden to study the Vortex - Wormhole.

The unexplainable phenomenon of the Gulf of Aden Vortex (Stargate - Space Portal). after the Norway Spiral event (Dec 9, 2009) and the Gulf of Aden Vortex with over 300 International Naval ships in that Gulf to study the Vortex which is threatening all life on Earth by a force UNKNOWN as to where it came from, what it is, and WHY IT IS HERE!

Research Finds US Aquifers Have 180 Times More Uranium Than Safe Levels

United States contain uranium and nitrate levels2"It needs to be recognized that uranium is a widespread contaminant," Karrie Weber, a researcher at the University of Nebraska said in a statement following the findings. "And we are creating this problem by producing a primary contaminant that leads to a secondary one."

Worldwide Arrest Warrants Officially Out For Bush & Obama!

Worldwide Arrest Warrants Officially Out For Bush & Obama!Bush and his officials are basically prisoners in their own country, fearful of arrest if they travel abroad.

Washington is placing tremendous pressure to overturn war crimes sentences by other countries who have commanded that Bush and Obama be sentenced at the Hague for war crimes.

Hawking, Chomsky, Musk and 1,000 other experts warn of AI end of Human Race

TerminatorAutonomous weapons are ideal for tasks such as assassinations, destabilizing nations, subduing populations and selectively killing a particular ethnic group,” they added. take action and sign open letter.

Jade Helm 15 – Largest Military Drill on US Soil

Just in - Stay tuned - last updated: 7-14-15

Jade Helm 15The US Army calls Jade Helm 15, which begins on Wednesday, a “routine” exercise, but Texans are forming militias to prevent what they fear is an imposition of martial law, and even Chuck Norris is running scared. RT sorts the truth from the myths. source: rt.com/usa/273436-jade-helm-drill-explained/

About the Jade Helm Exercises by Anonymous

ANONYMOUS Exposes Jade Helm JULY UPDATEAre You Prepared?

The Anonymous Channel


Planet X / Nibiru due in 2016 says Outspoken Astronomer


Gill Broussard, creator of the Planet X (7X) hypothesis, explores the topic of Planet X / Nibiru. This rogue “PLANET X,” (so named by NASA, and so named by astronomers for the past century), is Nibiru. Gill predicts a Planet X flyby in 2016. Keep up to date with the latest news on Planet X / Nibiru in 2015 by subscribing to this channel. more on Planet X and The Hopi Prophecy

TPP = Corporate Fascism: democracy?

Fast-Tracking TPP Will Bypass Future Congressional Authority - News Brief Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions is one of the few members of Congress who has actually read and studied the secretive text (TPP) in a secure room without being able to bring staffers or take notes. Sessions told Laura Ingraham, “Don’t read the bill. We’ll tell you all the things that you want are in it, but when you read it, it’s not there.”

You’ll Never Have a Root Canal After Watching This

You'll Never Have a Root Canal After Watching This Find out why he thinks the common procedure can be very dangerous and can actually lead to serious health problems down the road. He mentions some interesting studies and examples that might make you think before getting a root canal yourself. root canal alternatives "One such technique involves avoiding the root canal altogether by sealing the exposed nerve with newly developed adhesives." source   more on this topic


The United States and its NATO allies are edging toward a high-risk military standoff with Russia over the crisis in Ukraine, a situation that may lead to the worst catastrophe in history, an anti-war activist in Chicago says.

“The threat posed by the post-Cold War revival and the expansion of the NATO cannot be overestimated,” said Rick Rozoff, a member of Stop NATO International.

Ebola: Cut the damn red tape! Nano Silver 10 ppm, Distribute this now

Check out: Designer Ebola Virus Nanotechnology Depopulation- Prepare your house (click here for video)

The Ebola strain we are hearing about which is active is a patented in the U.S.

see patent.

Ebola Exposed Page

Earth’s 6th Mass Extinction is on schedule thanks to human activity

In an article published in the journal Science Advances on Friday, a team of scientists warned that “an exceptionally rapid loss of biodiversity over the last few centuries” has been taking place, “indicating that a sixth mass extinction is already under way.”  read more

The Effects of Radiation On Your Life Daily

see how to survive low-level radiation

Disinformation about Ebola

Ebola - Fear, Lies And The Evidence

Just about everything we've been told about Ebola since the beginning of the outbreak in west Africa, is wrong. The means of transmission, the incubation period, its persistence on surfaces, available treatment methods have all been systematically misrepresented. That's an extreme claim, and extreme claims must bear the burden proof, so let's take a look at the evidence.

Full transcript, sources, and additional evidence (that didn't fit in this video): stormcloudsgathering.com/fear-

An alternative perspective than Western News


"Our news is not influenced by corporate sponsors nor stock holders."

CIA is training and at the same time combating ISIL: Former CIA contractor. PressTV

The US is now a ‘Third-World’ country

September 01, 2014

Slightly more than one in every 25 American households with children is surviving on less than $2 per day of income from all sources. One quarter of that 4.3% (that’s 1% of all Americans with children) receive less than $1.25 per day. One third (that’s about 1.33% of all Americans) receive between $1.25 and $2. Another third of that 4.3% receive enough government benefits to be living on between $1.25 and $2 a day. A tiny 0.1% of that 4.3% are even surviving somehow on “Negative income & benefits.” source: presstv.com/detail/2014/09/01/377331/the-us-is-now-a-third-world-country/

“Long live Palestine, boycott Israel”

The “Long live Palestine, boycott Israel” group on the "Buycott" app was set up in April by a British teenager. It is going from strength to strength. The group saw traffic grow by almost 30 percent in just 12 hours on the morning of Thursday 7.

Buycotting app

Get app at: www.buycott.com/

Nightmare bacteria’ spreading rapidly in Southeastern US

Deadly, nearly untreatable superbugs known as CRE, dubbed “nightmare bacteria,” have spread at an alarming rate throughout the southeastern region of the US in recent years, new research indicates.

Could this be orchestrated as a means of retaliation on U.S. Israel aggression and human rights violations in the Middle East? source: rt.com/usa/177408-nightmare-bacteria-antibiotic-southeast/

Monsanto Revealed

Seeds of Death

Seeds of Death (gmo impact)

read more/ Take action

    and 1-4 units
  • U.S. Government Sponsored
Call now at: 310 774-1449

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French Parliament Bans GMO

April 15, 2014

no monsanto

France’s lower house of parliament passed a law Tuesday prohibiting genetically modified (GM) maize from being grown, citing environmental concerns. The law can be applied to any GM strain that is adopted at EU level. read more

Russia will not import GMO products

April 05, 2014

Russia will not import GMO products, the country’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said, adding that the nation has enough space and resources to produce organic food. source: rt.com/news/russia-import-gmo-products-621/

Food, biotech groups banding together to influence GMO labeling efforts

February 07, 2014

Powerful farming and biotechnology interest groups announced Thursday they are banding together to push a federal voluntary labeling standard for genetically engineered food in an effort to stem the tide of state legislation seeking to mandate labeling.  source: rt.com/usa/gmo-labeling-standard-federal-936/

What is a Bitcoin?

A source of currency which is completely independent and decentralized.

Why Bitcoin?

Visit Our Bitcoin Page

Credit Rating Agencies Creditability When Rating the U.S.

Downgrading foreign debt while upgrading U.S. debt


The Keiser Report

Monsanto Revealed

Ongoing news, boycotts and take action campaigns

GMO and Breast Cancer 

read more/ Take action

S T O P – T P P

Ralph Nader on TPP Fast Track

"This is a corporate Coup d'état. This is worse than NAFTA worse than the World Trade Organization. Its bad for consumers, labor and the environment . . .  and a tremendous invasion on local state and national sovereignty."  All disputes will go to a tribunal. Individuals will not have the right to contest in a federal court as the individual will have no standing rights to sue or contest.

TPP Defeated?

TPP Defeated - Infowars Nightly News

InfoWorld on TPP

In a major blow to the Obama administration, the US House of Representatives has blocked a trade bill that would have authorized the US president to fast-track a trade deal with Pacific-Rim nations.

Why do I have to go to PressTV.com or RT.com to find out what is going on in my country?

The Debate, Colin Campbell

Is police brutality systemic?

Western media or more accurately, corporate media filters out news and data from the public view as a way of marginalizing the truth.

Yogurt Land: Corn Syrup and growth hormones in your yogurt?

July 2015 - By: Ron Dorsey

Yogurt Land yogurt products contain corn syrup which has found to have high levels of mercury.

Dear Yogurt Land, does your milk or other products contain growth hormones or GMOs? Are they considered "Organic?" If not, which products are organic? The store managers were unable to answer these questions. I suggest you publish this on the yogurt-land site.

Quoted from: www.yogurt-land.com/story/
"At Yogurtland, it’s what inside that counts. Real ingredients, real milk, real flavor."

It is time for Yogurt Land to come clean and reveal what is inside of its products that may negatively impact the health and wellness of their patrons.

US states breaking away from Washington: Ron Paul

February 23, 2015

Former American presidential candidate Ron Paul says states will eventually break away from the United States but the good news is that secession is already underway. source: presstv.com/Detail/2015/02/23/398896/States-seceding-from-US-Ron-Paul

Putin Warns Europe: Total War If Obama Arms Ukraine

February 8, 2015

A new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report prepared for the planned 'Normandy Four' meeting that may be held in the Belarus capital of Minsk as early as Wednesday, with President Putin, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande, warns that should this effort fail, “total war” remains the Federations only option to resolve the Ukraine crisis.

According to this report, during his 5-hour meeting Friday with Merkel and Hollande, Putin privately warned his European counterparts that he would not allow the Obama regime to arm the fascist-aligned Ukrainian government, and should the US attempt to do so in spite of the Federations warning, “total war” within a few weeks would be the result.

During a visit to Sochi on the Black Sea yesterday, this report continues, Putin further publically warned the Obama regime against their reckless actions by stating:

“There is an attempt to perturb the existing world order... with one incontestable leader [Obama] who wants to remain as such thinking he is allowed everything while others are only allowed what he allows and only in his interests. This world order will never suit Russia.”

 Keep the internet Free 

John Olive Net Neutrality HBO


Indonesia's Mount Sinabung spews volcanic lava in fresh burst

June 20, 2015 - An Indonesian volcano near an ancient volcano that once nearly destroyed humankind is getting ready to erupt again. Are you ready for a possible nuclear storm? source: rt.com/news/266341-sinabung-volcano-eruption-indonesia/

Introducing the Access My Info Tool

The app you can obtain to help secure your privacy

The 3 Coming False Flag Attacks

Surviving a False Flag Operation

The 3 Coming False Flag Attacks

Privatizing America

Detroit Tap Water Access Up for Sale

tap water

Welcome to Detroit's water war – in which upward of 150,000 customers, late on bills that have increased 119 percent in the last decade, are now threatened with shut-offs. Local activists estimate this could impact nearly half of Detroit's mostly poor and black population – between 200,000 and 300,000 people.

"There are people who can't cook, can't clean, people coming off surgery who can't wash. This is an affront to human dignity," Charity said in an interview with Kate Levy. To make matters worse, children risk being taken by welfare authorities from any home without running water.

Denying water to thousands, as a sweltering summer approaches, might be bad enough in itself. But these shut-offs are no mere exercise in cost-recovery. source: www.theguardian.com/environment/true-north/2014/jun/25/detroits-water-war-a-tap-shut-off-that-could-impact-300000-people

Testing Radiation Levels in Food

Testing food with a Geiger counter overview

Testing food for radiation is much more than utilizing a Geiger counter.

realnews logoJune 21-15 The appeals court in the second circuit, which is the court right underneath the Supreme Court, said that high-level Bush officials, including Ashcroft who was attorney general, Mueller who was head of the FBI, and Ziglar who was the commissioner of immigration, could be sued for post-9/11 abuse of immigration detainees at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. watch video

Khazarian Mafia (KM)

At the Syrian Conference on Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism December 1, 2014 — in his Keynote address, Veterans Today Senior Editor and Director Gordon Duff disclosed publicly for the first time ever that World Terrorism is actually due to a large International Organized Crime Syndicate associated with Israel.

The curtain is now being pulled back to fully expose the Khazarian Mafia and it's evil plan to infiltrate, tyrannize the whole World and eradicate all Abrahamic Religions and allow only their Babylonian Talmudism also known as Luciferianism, Satanism or ancient Baal worship. source: www.veteranstoday.com/2015/03/08/the-hidden-history-of-the-incredibly-evil-khazarian-mafia/

How to Reverse Hair Loss: 6 Secrets for Reversing Hair Loss

The cause of hair loss is linked to an increase in an androgen hormone called DHT (DiHydroxy Testosterone). Managing this and other hormones is key to halting and reversing hair loss.

In this video I go over the 6 compounds that you should be consuming to balance your hormones and keep your hair full and healthy.

  1. Saw Palmetto is an herb that's been shown to block DHT. Supplement with 1500mg per day
  2. Adaptogenic Herbs help your body adapt and deal with stress, balance hormones and reduce cortisol levels (also known as the aging hormone). Ashwaganda and Rhodiola are two of the adaptogenic herbs that help stop and reverse hair loss. Take 500mg of each per day.
  3. Pumpkin Seed Oil is packed with zinc which has been shown to stop hair loss. Supplement with 1 Tbsp per day.
  4. B-Complex vitamins - Biotin helps thicken your hair naturally and Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) supports your adrenal glands
  5. Zinc boosts your immune system and repair your gut
  6. Omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil) reduce inflammation and balance hormones, Look for a high quality fish oil like Axe Naturals, Garden of Life or Nordic Naturals.

    Bonus Tip: Grains and sugars feed bad bacteria, cause estrogen to increase, and cause DHT to increase which promotes hair loss.

    See more healthy videos and articles on my website www.draxe.com

Stop Keystone and Fracking Petitions

From the comfort of your easy chair, you can change the world
click here to go to petitions

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micro greens logo

Help avoid the 6th Mass Extinction of Planet Earth

360 logo

How can you just sit there, allowing the destruction of Mother Earth? Hold big oil and coal accountable by an action called, divestment. Divest from an industry, through by its nature, is dedicated in the destruction of our civilization. get involved

GMO linked to gluten disorders plaguing 18 million Americans - report

November 26, 2013

Genetically modified foods such as soy and corn may be responsible for a number of gluten-related maladies including intestinal disorders now plaguing 18 million Americans, according to a new report released on Tuesday. source: rt.com

Tar Sands Distruction

Tarsands airiel view

click image above to play video

Report that found a clear link between the use of pesticides sold by Monsanto and growing health problems in Argentina

October 21, 2013

The Associated Press carried out a report that found a clear link between the use of pesticides sold by Monsanto and growing health problems in Argentina. In addition, studies show that cancer rates in the province are two to four times higher than the rest of the country, while in the neighboring province of Chaco birth defects have quadrupled since the introduction of biotechnology in the agricultural industry around a decade ago. source

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