"The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing" - John Stuart Mill

Much of Humanity Will Learn Much But Do Little to Nothing

Unfortunately this is the nature of humans and those (sheep herders) who are in control, know this.

How to Grow Food When Your Survival Depends On It

9 Survival Gardening Crops to Grow in a Post Apocalyptic World

June 24, 2022 -

How to Start Growing Your Own Food | What to Focus on First

Whether you're a beginner vegetable gardener or know someone how is just starting out, it is important that the right path is chosen. In this video I outline how to start growing food if you are new to vegetable gardening by knowing what to focus on first. Growing your own food is a fun process but it is vital you know how to best get started. Links mentioned: Epic Gardening Channel: www.youtube.com/user/EpicGarde... Kevin's 5 Fastest Vegetable Harvests Video: youtu.be/jEt_120VEAM My Pea Shoots Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g0nPe... My Growing Pea Pods Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpeQwc..

See:: Micro-Greens Gardening  / Window Gardening

California Gov. Gavin Newsom to Mandate Rationing of Water, Food and Energy


June 24, 2022 -

Governor Gavin Newsom has pushed for conservation during his recent visit to a Southern California water recycling facility. The government is set to mandate water, food and energy rations, leaving Californians unable to heat or cool their houses throughout the year. They have done this rationing before in California, but it isn’t clear how bad it’s going to get this time. Moreover, gas prices have skyrocketed again and the U.S. has already reached a national all-time high average. However, all these shortages are by design. InfoWars host Owen Shroyer noted that the U.S. has the technology to make it rain. For instance, Texas has a weather modification program administered by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). NewsTarget

5G Has the Capability to Target, Acquire and Attack Vaccinated Individuals

June 24, 2022 - 5G has the capability to target, acquire and attack vaccinated individuals through the nano-metamaterial antenna in Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. The Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS) will need 5G networks to maintain geo-position and navigate their environment to the target because these weapons cannot rely simply on satellite communications, which can be affected by inclement weather events and signal latency.

A weapon can be a device, tool or action fashioned to cause physical or psychological harm. People in the United Kingdom have been concerned about its dangers and “conspiracy theorists,” as the media tried to paint it, have been accused of attacking cellphone towers in an attempt to stop 5G rollout. NewsTarget

UFO Expert Who Dated A Reptilian Alien – The Message Answers Lots of Today’s Questions

June 23, 2022 - Podcast guest 510 is author Dr. Christopher Macklin who was unknowingly dating a retilian alien. Dr. Christopher Macklin is a highly respected UFO and ET expert, member of the Galactic Federation, a Remote Viewer and expert on The Deep State, the starseed ET races and how they are connected to humanity, positive and negative ET races that are on our planet, alien connection, paranormal, and manufactured diseases.

  • About massive cattle death
  • Scarcity of food
  • What is a Star-seed?
  • The different aliens in what they do
  • A race who wants to do away with the US constitution
  • These entities, which live under the surface of the Earth, are negatively impacted by oxygen. By destroying plants and the planet's ecosystem, oxygen levels will be reduced that these entities can live once again on the surface
  • The Pleiadians created the Akashic records in order to prevent time travel modifications that would have disastrous impact on this universe
  • Certain entities have taken over many of the decision makers and the elites minds to help complete their agenda

ANTIFA ESCORTED IN VANS During the Jan 6 “Insurrection”

June 22, 2022 - ANTIFA. The ultimate HUB of feds, who LIVE for terror. Stan Lovins was at the Capitol building on January 6th & what he saw before his eyes was JARRING. ANTIFA members were being ESCORTED by D.C. Police to create a simulated terrorist attack? The lies of January 6th are coming out, and there is nothing that the Deep State COMMUNISTS can do about it.

South of the Border Exodus: Americans Fleeing to Mexico to Escape High Cost of Living

mass exodus is now happening south of the border as Americans try to escape the high cost of living in the United States. “Hordes of people are heading south of the border in hopes of escaping the Democrats’ pending catastrophe,” said “Restricted Republic” host Lisa Haven, citing a report by the Daily Mail.


June 22, 2022 - In recent years, especially in 2022, the requirements to get Mexican residency have gone up like crazy. There are many people who dreamt about living the good life in retirement in Mexico but can no longer qualify for residency. The Mexican government is going to do what they're going to do, but fortunately, there are many great (and cheaper) alternatives. In this video I'm going to share with you 6 of my favorite residency programs in 2022. By: Tangerine Travels

Fiat Currency is to Be Removed As A Medium of Payment in January 2023, At The Latest

June 23, 2022 - When fiat currency is removed, all bank accounts will be zeroed … While several countries are doing what is necessary for the people … none of England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland is, as yet, doing so. Those that have savings or hoard debt money under the mattress have two choices:

  1. Turn that worthless paper into commodities that shall have value after the financial collapse.
  2. Or hold onto it and lose it all with nothing in return.


Self-Spreading Vaccines: Scientists Are Creating Vaccines That Spread Like a Disease

Similar to the discoveries of bio-weapons labs found in Ukraine with the specific task to target Russia Slavs, "Project Coast" was also an ethnic (race) specific bioweapon project operating in Africa, targeting black women during the 19-nineties.

June 22, 2022  - Scientists are now creating vaccines that spread like a disease, an effort that obviously targets people who continue to refuse getting injected with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. This form of bioweapon could very well mark the end of the human race – or perhaps just certain races.

Filippa Lentzos and Guy Reeves recently wrote about the self-spreading vaccines for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

“A small, but growing number of scientists think it’s possible to exploit the self-propagating properties of viruses and use them to spread immunity instead of disease. Can we beat viruses like the SARS-CoV-2, the [Wuhan coronavirus], at their own game?” they wrote. “For at least 20 years, scientists have been experimenting with such self-spreading vaccines, work that continues to this day, and which has gained the attention of the U.S. military.” (Related: Self-spreading vaccines being developed right now could put society at grave risk of an uncontrolled, endless plague.) NaturalNews

Russian General Warns Britain It Will ‘Cease to Exist’ In the Event of World War Three

June 22, 2022 - The UK will ‘physically cease to exist’ if the latest stand-off in Lithuania triggers a nuclear World War Three, a retired Russian general claimed. Speaking on Russian state TV this week, lieutenant general Evgeny Buzhinsky said the West is playing with fire in blockading the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, in order to prevent sanctioned goods from reaching the territory via Nato state Lithuania (Pictures: East2West News / AP / AFP)

Has Lithuania Crossed Russia’s Red Line?

June 22, 2022 - Lithuania has imposed an international illegal railway and now roadway blockade of Russia to supply its satellite, Kaliningrad. This most provocative move at the request from the US. places Lithuania within the crosshairs of a Russia solution. It is now perceived that Russia will take over all of Ukraine.

Establishment Loyalists Manipulated Into Sacrificing Their Own Children (The Reese Report)

June 22, 2022 -

States Which Makes Laws Which Nullifies Your Personal Sovereignty By Owning You

June 22, 2022 - Peggy Hall reviews the laws regulating state's right to control your body - these states are: California, Florida Section 381.00315 - item B states: "The State Health Office is authorized to take any action appropriate to enforce any public health advisory." and New York. New York's Title Section 2.13. A state health officer is not an elected position and can do anything they want as long it is in the interest of public health. Your pet is also up for grabs.

Russia Has Possession of Scalar Wave Weapon Technology (Incorporating Magnetic Field Reversal Technology) Which Can Unleash Massive Destruction

June 21, 2022 - Scalar (a gravitational weapon utilizing magnetic field reversal) when used as a weapon is unmatched to anything the world possesses in a devastating weapon. The historical background of Scalar EM Weapons. A Scalar weapon can expand or collapse gravitational fields similar to how blackholes impact matter. Scalar can also be used for healing.

Russia has claimed that it has made a radical new weapons system that can render enemy satellites and weapons futile. According to Russian makers, it is a “fundamentally new electronic warfare system” that can be installed on ground-based, as well as air- and sea-borne, carriers.

The new electronic warfare system is said to be capable of quashing cruise missile and other high-precision weaponry guidance systems and satellite radio-electronic equipment. The system, which sounds like scalar type weaponry, can also target the enemy’s electronic means, military satellites and deck-based, tactical, long-range and strategic aircraft.  ACNews

This video demonstrates one of the properties of Scalar used to dampen the recoil action of a shoulder-launched weapon.

TESLA’S Secret TECH: Tesla Teleforce or Scalar ‘waves’. What they are –

Ukraine Has Lost the War: But Thermonuclear War Still Threatens – Col. Richard Black

Jun 20, 2022 - Recorded June 13, 2022 Excerpted from the June 18-19 Schiller Institute conference, "There Can Be No Peace Without the Bankruptcy Reorganization of the Dying Trans-Atlantic Financial System."

US Biolabs Experimented On Socially Vulnerable Ukrainians – Causing Irreversible Damage to Nervous Syetem

June 20, 2022 - New reports from Russia show that Merefa laboratory, which is a US Biolab, experimented on neuromodulators on socially vulnerable Ukrainians, which caused irreversible damage to their central nervous system. GreatGameIndia

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry reported finding documents in confiscated bio labs in Ukraine that showed researchers were testing harmful pathogens with the apparent intention of using them as part of biological weapons. According to the ministry, the US provided funding for these labs for more than ten years.

Massive Protests in London | UK Prepares For War With Russia

June 20, 2022 -

Russia is Preparing to Punish Lithuania For Its Illegal Blockade Of Kaliningrad

June 20, 2022 - There are a few retaliatory measures Russia can implement against Lithuania for its illegal land blockade to its satellite, Kaliningrad (which Lithuania promised it would never do). One such retaliatory move is not recognizing Lithuania as a state. This goes back to the Soviet era when Russia allowing Lithuania to continue to be a sovereign state even though Lithuania's breakaway process was not formally recognized by Russia because of a few technicalities the Lithuanian government fail to complete or adhere to a process.

California House Passes “Infanticide” Bill Legalizing the Killing of Newborn Babies 7 Days Or More After Birth

June 20, 2022 - In a vote of 48-21, the Democrat-controlled Assembly in California voted to pass AB 2223, which pro-life advocates have dubbed “The Infanticide Bill” because it would allow newborn babies to legally die with no penalty or punishment for the mothers.

A form of post-abortion murder, the legislation would shield a mother from all civil and criminal charges if her newborn baby dies seven days after birth or longer. All “actions or omissions” related to her pregnancy, “including miscarriage, H” would be covered.

It is the “perinatal death” portion of the bill that has pro-life advocates concerned because this is the terminology that would sanction the death of babies seven days post-birth and longer. (Related: More coverage about AB 2223 is available in our earlier report.) by: DcClothesline

Will General Zaluzhnyi (with the help of the Pentagon) Bring On A Coup In Ukraine?

June 19, 2022 - CommentBy: John Jacobsen: "I am frustrated that so many Europeans think that Russia wants to expand and invade neighboring countries. Russia moved into Ukraine for very obvious reasons of self defense of the Russian speaking people, and to remove the obvious NATO sponsored buildup on their border with Ukraine, and the anti-Russian culture being promulgated in Ukraine by the west, and the oceans of corruption and exploitation of Ukraine resources and people. Russia does not want to expand for reasons of ambition. They went into Ukraine to confront a threat to their survival and to their general health."

“More Than 50 Generals and Officers of The Ukrainian Armed Forces Were killed,”

June 19, 2022 - “More than 50 generals and officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were killed,” the ministry said in a statement.

June 19. 2022 - Over 50 Ukrainian generals and officers killed in missile strike Close to $100 billion worth of deals signed at major Russian economic forum EU’s new plan won’t save Eurozone from collapsing According to Reuters, trust in media  worldwide at all-time low as people avoid news Warships have destroyed a command center with Kalibr cruise missiles, killing dozens of Ukrainian officers, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Sunday.   “More than 50 generals and officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were killed,” the statement said.   The strike took place near the village of Shirokaya Dacha in Dnepropetrovsk Region. The strike hit the compound in which commanders of several Ukrainian units were gathering for a meeting, Moscow said.

Kalibr Hits Command Center. NATO Weapons Will Win Donbass. Medvedev, EU Will Not Last

June 20, 2022 - Comment: "The weakest links in the EU are Hungary, and Bulgaria whose populations are very pro-Russian. If the EU economies do continue on a downward spiral, and the Eurasian block increases its economic potential; then those could be the first countries to leave the EU for Eurasia. This would also provide a land link for Serbia to join Eurasia as well. The people of these countries have no love for the EU as an institution. They want the financial support the EU has provided them with up till now. If that dries up, things will get very interesting." by: Sepehr Arkani


RF Meter Comparison of GHz Solutions HF59B, 35C etc, Safe and Sound Pro & Classic, TriField +More

June 17, 2022 - The video above is one in a series of videos which will help you to understand how to use and interpret data from an EMF/RF (EMF: electro magnetic frequency / (RF): radio frequency) detection meter for measuring radiation levels in your living and work spaces. The next step is to provide product reviews so that you may select the meter of choice - for the kind of testing you are performing. All meters have their pros and cons. Generally, RF meters with EMF capability are a compromise. Why? Because RF and EMF detection optimally deservers dedicated circuits and sensors, therefore separate devices. A professional service person will have several types of meters. When shopping for meters there are 2 functions that are important: audio feedback and peak readings.

Trifield TF2 VS Acoustimeter AM-10

See video segment for the Acoustiimeter

The Reality of RF Meters

How accurate is your RF meter? How do you know? What does the claimed frequency range mean? In this video, we dive into all the details.

How to use the Acoustimeter to measure RF fields.

Many if these meters including this one, has a dip in detecting 5.6 MHz (WIFI band) See video segment for the Acoustiimet


U.S. War Crimes After the Germans Were Defeated – Eisenhower’s Death Camps

June 18, 2022 - Dwight D Eisenhower: If anyone is caught feeding the (German) prisoners, they will be executed.

Eisenhower's Holocaust - His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germansplay arrow small

  • Eisenhower biographer Stephen Ambrose, who was given access to the Eisenhower personal letters, states that he proposed to exterminate the entire German General Staff, thousands of people, after the war.
  • Eisenhower, in his personal letters, did not merely hate the Nazi Regime, and the few who imposed its will down from the top, but that HE HATED THE GERMAN PEOPLE AS A RACE. It was his personal intent to destroy as many of them as he could, and one way was to wipe out as many prisoners of war as possible.
  • "...it is hard to escape the conclusion that Dwight Eisenhower was a war criminal of epic proportions. His (DEF) policy killed more Germans in peace than were killed in the European Theater."


June 17, 2022 - Comment: i have made a career as a radio engineer and i can tell you that cell tower RF is of very little threat compared to the phone you have held to your head or kept on your body 24-7. Little has ever been studied about the long term effects of 5G frequencies emitted by smart phones. But i have lost many friends to cancer that like me have made a career out of being around radio, tv, and microwave transmitters - by: uncommonsense1777

Comment: "5G is what the world Economic Forum is pushing to connect people who took the nanoparticle device shots they are forcing to connect your biometrics and location with bill gates patent wo2020060606 technology to deny you banking if you speak think vote a way they don’t like. They use fear psychological operation mass psychosis to control us. Do not allow it." By: ReeCee22


June 18, 2022 -


June 17, 2022 - What just happened in Kanasa was horrific, but the storyline doesn't completely add up. There must be additional elements beyond the heat that led to the unexplained, unnecessary, deaths of thousands of cattle. Comment: "I'm a zoologist and heat is very unlikely. Death rates follow a bell curve. The weak and old will die first, then normal, and the strongest will die last. You don't just have a herd of 2,000 cattle die all at once. Here in Texas we have "global warming" each summer from late May through September. Our cattle are not dying of heat. In July and August we have heat well over 100 degrees. I'm putting my money on some kind of poisoning." by: Texas Boy - more resource at NaturalNews

Three thousand cattle just kneeled over and died - SW Kansas:

Chechen Special Forces Under Sniper Fire In Ukraine

June 16, 2022 -

Netherlands Just SHOCKED NATO By Admitting the Truth In Ukraine

June 16, 2022 - By: Redacted

Street Fighting In Ukraine or In Florida?

June 16, 2022 - Surveillance video of some of the nearly 200 shots fired in NW Miami-Dade 2/16. They killed one and wounded several others near 99th St and 21st Ct. Those arrested are linked to other high-profile crimes in Miami-Dade.


June 16, 2022 - Comment: "Dr. Fauci also tested positive for crimes against humanity." by: CMW9003 / "He should test positive from the results of a firing squad!!." by: SkySoldier606

Ralph Nadar Supports Jimmy Dore for President 2024 – Here’s Partly Why

June 16, 2022 -

Hackers Hit Israeli Electricity Network, Vow To Plunge Regime Into Darkness

June 15, 2022A hacker group has broken into the Israeli electricity network, vowing to plunge the regime into darkness.

The group, which identifies itself as the "Moses Staff," announced the attack on Wednesday. It said it had targeted the Israel Electric Corporation, the largest supplier of electrical power in the occupied territories, as well as Dorad Energy Ltd., which serves customers throughout the territories, and technical solutions provider, Reali Technologies ltd. "This is just the beginning; From now on, you will suffer irreparable damage,” the group said in a message.

“We will punish you. The goal is clear, definite, and precise. This is only a small part of our access to your power grid,” it added. “You will soon be in the dark," the group concluded.

Earlier this year, the group struck Israeli closed-circuit television cameras in the occupied Palestinian territories and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, an Israeli "defense technology" company. Back then, it posted a message regarding the cyberattack on its website, titled “We see with your eyes.” PressTV

Massive Bio-Structures Found in Bodies of the Vaccinated (Reese Report)

June 15, 2022 - Comment: Remember we have power over them. Do not fear them. We can trample them under our feet like scorpions and snakes. Jesus gave us that authority. Put on your armor, keep it on at all times. God bless and protect us all. by: Dragonfly777

"We told you. You trusted your pedophile satanic cannibal overlords though for some reason." by DustyClery

If/Or When Russia Retaliates Here Are The Vulnerabilities

June 15, 2022 -  With 12 time zones, Russia is the biggest country in the world. Russia’s area is bigger than the surface of Pluto (which is just 16.6 km2). Russian land makes up 10.995 percent of the world’s landmass.

Russia supplies the world with:

  • Rare earth minerals - for the production of chips manufacturing, lithium and titanium to name a few
  • Wheat exports
  • Petroleum products and petroleum by-products (like nitrogen needed for fertilizer)
  • Enriched uranium

Without the above, many of our industries would shutdown and all of the nuclear power plants would also stop within a year. The implication and vulnerabilities are immense.

Absolutely No Media Coverage of the Massive Artillery Shelling On Donetsk’s Civilians

June 14, 2022 -

This Is The Way (Remix SN Studio) ♫ Eurodance Remix 2021

June 14, 2022 - This Is The Way (Eurodance Remix SN Studio 2021) Shuffle Dance Video - Practice - good choreography and talent all makes it happen.

Hollywood Director Exposes the Film Industry

June 14, 2022 -

The Two Party System and the American Failed State (The Reese Report)

June 14, 2022 -

The Patriot Front Arrests – Yet Another FBI / CIA False Flag Operations

June 13, 2021 - Comments: "Arrested "on the intent to riot." So in America you can be arrest prior to doing anything." By; Thinking-Biblically

“The Most Powerful Way to Raise Your Vibration INSTANTLY” (Matías De Stefano)

June 12, 2022 - "VIBRATE CORRECTLY at a Higher Frequency" Raise your frequency and increase your vibration.

"I am the Way the Light. Who said that? Jesus, he was trying to embody everyone of the names of God." 

Comment: 1. Body - Change the way you eat - consume food that’s manifested through light ; plants, seeds, fruits. 2. Soul - Breathe for the soul - Hormones are controlled by how your breathe and how the endocrine system works. Oxygenate the blood, Breathe in and out through nose. 3. Spirit - Laugh more - it's key for high vibration, it keeps a higher resonance. Eat better, Breathe better and Laugh more........ by: Nimi T

Pfizer’s Own Documents Admit That mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines Will Result In Mass Depopulation


June 9, 2022 - The latest drop of pages from the secret Pfizer documents reveals that the pharmaceutical giant is fully aware that its Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” will soon result in mass depopulation of the world. From the data, this means that almost every pregnant woman who takes Pfizer’s mRNA (messenger RNA) injections for covid will lose her baby. Conversely, only a tiny fraction of fully jabbed women will successfully deliver to term. NaturalNews

2,200 Rich and Famous Spaniards Paid Thousands of Euros for Registration in National Vaccination Database Without Receiving Any Injections

June 10, 2022 - We’ve been asked the same question numerous times. Why are so many athletes having heart attacks and dying everywhere except the United States? The only speculative answer forwarded here is that NBA, NFL and other high-priced American athletes received placebo shots to obtain their “vaccine cards.” Some may have also paid their personal or team doctors for the cards, since there is no government database in the United States like there is in other countries. Now those suspicions are looking more realistic based on reports in both Spain and the United States. TheCOVIDBlog 

A Proven Method of What Each One of Us Can Do To Preserve Liberty

June 9, 2022 - Traditional methods which have proven not to work:

  • Staging peaceful protest
  • Petitioning
  • Calling your congress person

Guerrilla warfare, usually undertaken by the underdog in the battle. Guerrilla armies usually consist of volunteers; every soldier is considered valuable. Their tactics are unpredictable.

They are not ruled by the center but rather exploit the creativity of each member. Such armies have proven remarkably effective in the history of warfare. I believe that the guerrilla model is what suits us best—a campaign of ideological guerrilla warfare conducted by the remnant. This is no guarantee of success but it is the best guarantee against failure that I know.  Full article

Europe and US, Get Ready For The Economic Collapse Within Months – Russia Calls the Shots

June 8, 2022 - "Basically, Russia is going to cut off all oil all commodities including all food supplies to Western Europe, to the unfriendly nations.  . . This will happen before September 30th depending on factors but September 30th is the absolute cutoff date."

Putin Threatens to Target Major US and /or NATO Decision Centers If Russian Soil Is Hit By US Approved Rocket Launchers

June 6, 2022 - About the above video: Should news organizations require guest (like General Jack Keane) to divulge their financial interest in the military industry prior to making judgement and so called, analogies of military conflicts? If a guest has a top teared military rank, then the public needs to know if in fact they are invested in military industry - just as the FTC requires of guest making recommendations of favorable stocks reveal if they are invested in that particular company. This would help the publics' awareness of a possible conflict of interest  - which is the case here.

Biden Provokes Putin to Strike USA and NATO Cities with New Long-Range Weapons That Might Include Nukes or EMP Weapons

The illegitimate Biden regime has promised to send HIMARS weapon systems to Ukraine, claiming that Ukraine has “given assurances” to Washington D.C. and promised the weapons won’t be used to wage attacks against Russian territory. This has been widely reported across the corporate media.

Despite those assurances, a high-level Ukraine spokesperson (see below) said they would break that promise and use the HIMARS weapons to attack Crimea, a region that has long self-recognized as territory of Russia (although Ukraine disputes this and claims Crimea belongs to Ukraine). “Ukraine Says It Might Use U.S. Weapons to Invade Russia,” NaturalNews

Germany’s Chancellor Fears Zelensky Will Invade Russia If He Sends German Weapons to Ukraine – Putin’s Gives Warnings

June 6, 2022 - Comment: Imagine if 1 country, instead of weapons, decided to send a full container of white flags & Roses to Ukraine. Now that is a Game Changer 💚 🇿🇦 by: Clowud Chaser

Was SMALLPOX Vaccines Successful?

June 6, 2022 - There were more serious Injuries and DEATHS caused by the SMALLPOX VACCINE than by the virus itself. The easiest way for the vaccine industry to sell the world on the most dangerous form of “medicine” is to erase the history of its dismal performance, and the data that reveals the risks far outweigh the benefits. Let’s dial it back to the true data about smallpox that was registered in official reports with the Registrar General of England. NewsTarget

FACT: Starting in 1906 Compulsory smallpox vaccine program in England caused massive epidemic outbreak, while the vaccine itself killed 3 times more children than the virus itself

How Much Does the US Control Ukraine?

June 6, 2022 - "The Democratic regime will have to walk-back its dislike or hatred of Russia . . " "Absolutely Uncle Sam has been in charge of the Ukraine running it as a political colony." All of Ukraine's cabinet members since 2014 are picked by the US. (video segment):


June 6, 2022 - While fierce battles continue on the Donbass front lines and the warring sides are forced to fight for every meter in Eastern Ukraine, the Kharkov region became one of the most unstable battlefields of the Ukrainian war. SouthFront


Battle For Freedom

When you choose to travel far
You always march forward
When you choose brightness
You must break free from the darkness

When your choose honor
You must conquer fear
When you choose faith
You will have to defend it with your life

Good will alone cannot defeat the evil
Justice must have an iron fist

If the civilized world didn't have the weapons of justice
This world would have long been devastated by evil

Freedom won't fall from the sky
Nor will it come to your doorsteps
We must fight for it 

Analysis and Intelligence


June 4, 2022 -

Hamas Calls for International Action to Protect Palestinian Children From Israel’s Crimes

June 5, 2022 - Hamas made the appeal on “the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression” on Saturday, urging the international community to save Palestinian children through criminalizing the Israeli occupation and putting an end to it, the Palestinian Information Center reported.

“The children of Palestine are victims of aggression and brutal occupation,” the movement said in a statement. PressTV

How To Talk About Ukraine With Your Zombie Friends and Relatives

(video segment)

June 3, 2022 - The Dreizin Report - Ukraine War & Aftermath

Mass Media is for the Masses

Comment: "The so called, "Zombies" have over their lifetimes, been conditioned to take those "cues" as you say. The conditioning with subluminal messages has successfully hypnotized the masses to the point that they have unknowingly become members of an occult. Religions. political parties, sport teams, and "The Flat Earth Theory" are all forms of occults. Occults is a belief system that must be protected and believers must be loyal - in spite if it makes sense or not or if the leaders makes mistakes or do wrongs, members must not be critical and overlook such trivia. Most of those who listen to political candidates or the opposing parting have already decide who they will vote into office. There are some serious flaws with human behavior." These "flaws" were purposely designed when humans were created.


Poland’s Future Viet Cong (Gonzalo Lira II)

June 3, 2022 - Comment: "Great scenario. Also, Belarus moved a large body of troops to the Polish/Ukrainian border zone - maybe also a reason for Poland to tread carefully and slowly. Factor in the strong possibility of EU/NATO fracturing - I couldn't guess even half smartly but I reckon Hungary will be in the mix and a few others. Turkey is also a bit of a wildcard. Now, assume an intervention from somewhere further to the South East and unfriendly to Israel - spreading the US very thinly. Then the Far East with China/Taiwan and the Koreas - the US would break like a wave against a rock - and nobody to help them as the EU is broken economically."

Putin’s Comments On Food Shortages /Putin Slams West’s Economic Policies

June 6, 2022 - (video segment):

During His Near Death Experience He Learned Who We Are As Human Beings

June 5, 2022 - Podcast guest 487 Joe Homsey who during his near-death experience communicated with 2 spiritual guides.

What is Eckankar? Eckankar is a occult religion.

What is the Hu song? Hu belongs to no religion - it was available long before Eckankar.

He Recovered Past Life Memories By Singing HU

"Hu is a love song, but it's a love song that speaks to each of us individually." "There are master Eckandar teachers never telling me what to believe, but helping me to find what exist within my own heart. Helping me to find my path home to God by my own way . . ."

Battle for Freedom: Akhmat Special Forces | RT Documentary

June 2, 2022 - "‘We are children of war. We are tired of it. We know what it is; we’ve been through it,’ says Ramzan Dzhakuev, Deputy Chairman of the Chechen Council of Veterans. The difficult past of the Chechens determined their present as one of the most motivating parts of the Russian army. According to Akhmed Dudaev, Chechen Republic Minister for National Policy, Chechens lost 300,000 people during the First and Second Chechen wars. He claims the collective West tried to use the Chechen Republic as a weapon to destroy the Russian Federation. Today Chechen soldiers call themselves Akhmat Special forces and are ready to complete every task to prevent this scenario in Ukraine." RT on Odysee

Yellen and the FED: “these people are stupid”

June 1, 2022 -

  Democracy dooms itself when people in charge can print endless amounts of money:

  The result of reckless spending. All Western (US, Europe and the British sterling) currencies will collapse within 18 months:

Weimar Collapse Curve - it started play arrow smalloff moderate then within a few months it shot up:

The True Evil Behind America’s Mass School Shootings (Greg Reese Report)

June 1, 2022 - The True Evil Behind America's Mass School Shootings  Comment: "they prey on our emotions that's why they use children in these events because they know that people get emotional with children involved think logically he's demonic people should be hung"

FBI Spied on 3.3 Million Americans Without Warrant, GOP Demands Answers

Representative from Ohio Jim Jordan demanding answers about FBI spying

May 31, 2022 - Top House Republicans are demanding answers from the FBI after court-ordered information came to light showing that the federal agency had collected the information of over 3 million Americans without a warrant. By Joseph LifeSiteNews

Russia Officially Warned the United States It Is Now Risking “Direct Conflict with Russia”

June 1, 2022 - Russia today officially warned the United States it is now risking "direct conflict with Russia" after the US announced it is sending still heavier, longer-range weapons to Ukraine.

Washington’s arming of Ukraine with heavier weapons increases the risk of direct US-Russia confrontation regardless of American statements about mitigating such a possibility, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said on Wednesday. RussiaNewsNow

Australian Senator Drops Truth Bombs About Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum In Parliament

May 31, 2022 -

Ukraine Coup On The Rise? – Generals Capturing Zelensky

May 31, 2022 - The tremendous devastation of loss of troops and hardware (used as cannon fodder) from the lack of strategic wisdom (or by design from the command of the US), the Ukrainian generals have questioned the orders to stay and fight and not withdraw to new positions and obtain food/munitions. The truth is starting to unfold. There are protest in the streets (of course not televised) that families are asking where are their fathers, brothers and sons? Unfortunately the truth is that these people will not ever be returning home again while all the time they were informed that Ukraine is winning.

The Stark Truth and Analysis of US Managing the Ukrainian War

May 31, 2022 - Comment: "To be America's enemy is dangerous. To be America's friend is fatal." Henry Kissinger" - Comment: Being Ukrainian, I got to tell you, you got a perfect grip of the situation. The war to the last Ukrainian it is.

Is Alex Jones of Info Wars Creating Fake News?

May 31, 2022 - An Info War / Banned Videos site presents a video clip which allegedly quotes the CEO of Pfizer stating that, " . . . our goals by 2023 we will reduce the number of people in the world by 50 percent." This video has been manipulated from the original which shows that he stated - he wants to reduce the population of people who can't afford the vaccine to 50%. (version segment as it is presented on Youtube)

Comment: "In the original video he says he wants to reduce the population of people who can't afford the vaccine to 50%. I did a Google search of World Economic Forum Conversation with Pfizer CEO. It's a video of him with Klaus Schwab." (Infowars version segment)

Impeach Joe Biden Petition

April 15, 2022 - Petition To Impeach and Remove President Joseph  Biden, Jr. From The Office Of President For:


Support Legislation for More Long Distance Bike Routes!

May 28, 2022 - Do you want more great off-road routes to explore in the coming years? Long distance mountain bike routes like Adventure Cycling's Great Divide and Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Routes, Bikepacking Roots' Western Wildlands Route, and singletrack routes like the Arizona Trail have created exceptional opportunities for exploration and self discovery. Source: Adventure Cycling Association - - - Take Action:   play arrow


May 26, 2022 - With SO MUCH evidence now, you'd expect the masses to start to realise something seriously sinister is going on in this world, YET its business as usual for most, who are simply happy to carry on as if nothing has happened, as if no-one was deliberately MURDERED purely for financial gain, to pay ever increasing prices to simply exist, and that their only concern and belief is that things 'will get better soon'. Bitchute

“Ukraine Is Not Our Ally – Russia is not our enemy.” (Rep. Paul Gosar Arizona)

May 27, 2022 - “Ukraine is not our ally,” he continued. “Russia is not our enemy. We need to address our crippling debt, inflation and immigration problems. None of this is Putin’s fault.”

Rep. Paul Gosar (Arizona)

Republican Representative Paul Gosar (Arizona) has condemned the push from both parties in Washington to send billions of dollars worth of weapons to Ukraine. “Crippling debt, inflation and immigration problems,” he declared, are not “[Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s fault.”

Gosar, an immigration hardliner and anti-interventionist, was one of 57 GOP lawmakers to vote against a $40 billion economic and military aid bill for Ukraine on Tuesday. While a number of Republicans have been vocal in their opposition to fueling a “proxy war” in Ukraine, the GOP establishment has shouted down these critics, with conservative talk show host Mark Levin on Wednesday referring to the anti-war contingent of the party as “Putin a**-kissers.” VT


May 26, 2022 -

Israel and Turkey have recently escalated against Syria in what appears to be an attempt to take advantage of the Ukrainian conflict which moved international attention away from the Middle East. On May 20, an Israeli attack with ground-launched missiles targeted the southern outskirts of the Syrian capital, Damascus. The attack was launched from the direction of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. It left five people dead, including one civilian. The target was reportedly an Iranian weapons shipment that was on its way from Damascus International Airport to Hezbollah in Lebanon. SouthFront

Impact of the Russian KUB-BLA Loitering Munitions

May 25, 2022 - Warning - Viewer's Discretion Advised  On May 25, Russian sources released footage showing a pinpoint strike with a KUB-BLA loitering munition on a gathering of Kiev troops near the town of Pavlivka in the Donbass region. At least nine troops were killed in the strike, which took place on May 8. SouthFront

What’s Up With the Howitzers? by Jacob Dreizin

May 26, 2022 - Comment: "Great analysis. Happy to hear the RU aircraft loses are not what we were being told here. I'm sure many lessons have been learn't from the early days. All the propaganda about 'incompetent Russian Army' from the west just makes the whole situation more dangerous as it encourages Russo-phobic countries to try their hand.. RU must continue to stamp it's superiority on this unfortunate conflict, so that it gets the respect it should have been given all along imho"

 Americans United Against NWO-Globalism Join Russia Against Ukrainian NAZI Culture

May 17, 2022 - "Hello, we just came from America to Donbass. We came from all over America. I'm from Texas, my friend is from Detroit, we have people from Minnesota and all other parts.

Comment: Why must you fight along side Russia in Ukraine in order to defend the values of the US constitution?

Analyst Warns Of A Fuel Shortage Crisis In The U.S.

May 19, 2022 - Very low inventories of oil products in the United States and a shortage of refining capacity have laid the foundations for an oil shortage crisis in the United States this summer, Paul Sankey, Lead Analyst at Sankey Research, told CNBC in an interview on Thursday. OilPrice

Report: US Gas Prices Could Double Soon, Amid Potential Supply Shortage

May 19, 2022 - Some gas stations across the country are already bracing for the Next Big Thing involving surging fuel prices, namely the price per gallon potentially exceeding $10. Throughout eastern Washington, according to a Post Millennial report, gas stations are running out of fuel.

Indian Reporter DESTROYS American Professor – Drops TRUTH BOMBs –

May 23, 2022 - The naked and blatant truth about "America" slammed back at "Professor" Charles Kapchan. Comment: "Do not - I repeat - do not mess with this reporter."

National Vaccine Information Center – Legal Actions by State

Message from Barabara Loe Fisher - Join the fight for Vaccine Freedom and Independence

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Live Map On Ukraine

see Live Map of Ukraine - by the minute battle ground statusplay arrow

"Live Universal Awareness Map (“Liveuamap”) is a leading independent global news and information site dedicated to factual reporting of a variety of important topics including conflicts, human rights issues, protests, terrorism, weapons deployment, health matters, natural disasters, and weather related stories, among others, from a vast array of sources."


You will not hear this on Western media.

Regular gas prices by State / County

Please note as of April 2022, the US is continuing to purchase oil and gas from Russia at a rate of 100,000 barrels per day.

Up-to-date prices on Regular grade gas in the US. Amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.play arrow

Aliens Consuming Humans play arrow

A Wakeup Call to the Sheep and Cattle

The true purpose of government is to dictate commands by writing illegal laws to protect its own interest.


May 2022 - Source : Dutchsense from this Mans Co, Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden has passed away, and his website has been deactivated, or taken down! His company, energetic productions, sent this DVD to me directly, unsolicited, with a hand written note: "Michael, Wasn't sure if you had seen THIS ONE of Tom's----

How Intent and Prayer Can Impact Anywhere or Anyone

Excerpt from: The Quantum Language of Healing, Peace & Miracles

The observation of the "hologram effect" is that intention or prayer does not have to be directed to a place or person. When you send out intent of raising the conditions for a person or some place, you only have to create it within yourself, then everything is impacted (the unifying effect). There is no time nor location needed to be focused for the intent or prayer to work. Being close or light years away from the recipient of a prayer - makes no difference, the theory of entanglement (the quantum effect) has no time nor space.

Buddhism teaches us to raise the condition of the world, you first begin with yourself. As your body and consciousness is elevated, so will that of the world, again, the unifying effect.

HIDE YOUR FOOD. You Better Be Prepared. – Secret Homestead of Survival – MMNP Farm Series S1 E4

April 15, 2022 - Are you prepared for what happens next? Meet My Neighbor Productions takes you on a journey to the Secret Homestead of Survival with the Survivalist Gardener

Ukraine and the Great Reset

April 4, 2022 - Why does the Ukrainian military block access to "The Red Cross" on the battlefields and among civilian population?

If I Had To Pick ONLY Three Crops For A Survival Garden

April 15, 2022 - If I just could pick just three garden crops to grow to survive for a year with my family... What would they be?

Russia Is Eliminating the Khazarians play arrow(Khazarian Mafia) In Ukraine

PRESS THESE 3 POINTS DAILY For A Healthy and Happy Life | Qigong Basic Acupressure Daily

Biden Announces Additional $800m In Military Aid to Ukraine

April 19, 2022 - “The Ukrainian military has used the weapons we are providing to devastating effect. As Russia prepares to intensify its attack in the Donbas region, the United States will continue to provide Ukraine with the capabilities to defend itself,” Biden said on Wednesday.


April 11, 2022 -  Two recent publications have fuelled debate about democratic cooperation with autocratic governments in general, and Saudi Arabia in particular, in the wake of the Ukraine war. It is a debate that challenges US President Joe Biden’s framing of the conflict as a struggle between good and evil, democracy and autocracy.

Edgar Cayce, Medjugorje And FÁTIMA: All Prophesied THAT RUSSIA WILL SAVE HUMANITY During The End Times

Fatima: Priest: "The End Times will Involve Russia and Ukraine" - The Tipping Point Has Arrived

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Using the Power of Quantum Physics to Create Pathways:  

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