Your Personal Sovereignty Has Been Stolen At Birth

What Is Really The “Stock” In The Stock Market?

When you were born, unknown to you and your parents, you became a product and therefore a commodity of the state. By definition, you have no rights to the US Constitution as you are not a person, you are stock. How to undo this crime of removing your state-possessed identity and regaining your personal sovereignty. Learn of the Hidden symbols of the occult which enslavers millions - (Eyes Wide Shut) - your eyes are seemingly wide open, but unfortunately ignorance obscures what is happening beneath.

Added: Jan. 19, 2023 - In Memory of Jordan Maxwell. Rest In Peace! By: Video Advice

The Story of Your Enslavement – Stephan Molyneux

Here's a human cage built next to a park in Superior, Colorado. It is designed to contain two people, separated by a metal wall. There's no sign or indication of its intended purpose (beyond the obvious of caging people).

Sept. 11, 2022 - This is the story of your enslavement presented by Stefan Molyneux. He has a channel on Rumble and you should subscribe.