A War for the World

A War for the World

This page is to inform what has to be done and what measures are taking place to overcome the destruction of humanity. It is no longer the need to verify nor to learn more of the wickedness and criminals actions of those in governmental positions. People are rising up and putting up a fight in masses to save humanity. This is not a national effort, those who risk in taking action, are indeed helping mankind. "Injustice anywhere, is a threat justice everywhere." Martin Luther King Jr.

Grand Jury Proceeding for Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity Has Begun

Feb, 10, 2022 - On Saturday 5 February 2022 lawyers gave their opening statements at the Grand Jury Proceeding by the People’s Court of Public Opinion, an international natural law court. Attorney at Law Dipali Ojha from India gave an opening statement on the experimental injections, informed consent and suppression of treatments.


Feb. 9, 2022

The Entire “Architecture of the World Order” To Come Depends On the Success Of the Russian Military Operation In Ukraine

April 7, 2022 - The entire “architecture of the world order” to come depends on the success of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, Director of Foreign Intelligence Sergei Naryshkin has said. “The fierceness of the confrontation indicates clearly that were talking about much more than the fate of the regime in Kiev. In fact, the architecture of the entire world order is at stake. It’s rather difficult to predict its specific contours based on the current situation, but we can say with certainty that there will be no return to the old,” Naryshkin wrote in an article published in Russia’s National Defence Magazine. SputnikNews

Officers Moved to Disperse Protesters Camping Outside New Zealand Parliament in Solidarity With Canadian Truckers

Feb. 9, 2022 - New Zealand police cracked down on protesters outside Parliament in Wellington on Thursday, arresting more than 50 people after forcibly dispersing the demonstration against Covid-19 restrictions. Shortly before the scuffles erupted, police threatened the crowd of around 150 protesters with arrest if they refused to leave the area voluntarily. Those who ignored the order were subsequently detained by law enforcement. Protesters could be seen chanting “this is not democracy” and “shame on you” as police officers moved in to clear the grounds. rt.com

Under The Shadow of 5G Surveillance and Behavior Modification

Feb. 16, 2022 - Bill Maher Rips on Justin Trudeau - Real Time with Bill Maher February 11 2022

"The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing" - John Stuart Mill

A Call To All Veterans

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Greg Reese

A Reese Report edit of Riccardo Bosi’s recent address to all people sworn to defend their nation.

Join the Force to Uphold Freedom and Bring Integrity to Humankind and To Society

You do this with every breath you take, you are aware that you must enlist all of what you know to uphold the constitution, whatever the cost. We are all going to lose this body, do something worth dying for.

The Criminality of the FDA

"After several months of back and forth within the courtroom, with the FDA requesting up to 75 years to release all of the vaccine safety related documents, well just yesterday a federal court has ruled against them. Instead, the judge of the case he said that the FDA has only 8 months to release all of their Pfizer vaccine safety data." Note: Scott Gottlieb, who served as the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from 2017 to 2019, now sits on the board of directors of the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

Comment: "The FDA NEEDS TO BE GUTTED, sanitized of corruption, and gutted again"

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Humanity At Stake

A task that all citizens from all walks of life participate. If you do not fight for it, you will lose it. When you possess something that is good, invariably someone else will attempt to acquire it at all expense.