How to – Pendulum Dowsing

What Is Pendulum Dowsing?

Dowsing is a procedure of communicating with the subconscious to access information.

How to – Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum is a powerful means of communicating with our subconscious. The sidereal pendulum also potentially allows us to gain access to higher levels. There are many different pendulums available on the market. This video is about which pendulum is best for hands-on work. We explain the 5 most important things you need to know about pendulums. If you want to learn how to use pendulum practically to create an effective inner connection with your own subconscious, you can participate in our upcoming online event: Learn more about the Qabbalah, Magic and Western Mysteries in our other videos as well as in our free online course:

Psychic Protection Visualization Exercise

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How To Use A Pendulum To Get Answers – Part 1

The point of using the pendulum is to allow the subconscious to make the subtle moves of the hand - and not allow your conscious to interfere.

Today we’re going to be looking at how to use a pendulum to get all sorts of answers to the things you want to know, for healing and wellness or even for communicating with the spiritual essence that is all around us waiting to give us help if only we are prepared to ask. And there are five simple words that can make all the difference between it working for you and it not working! Dowsing is basically quite easy to do, but sometimes it can take us while to realise that.

It took me 3 days to get a set of rods working. It took me some eight years of using rods before I could get a pendulum working. So if your struggling don’t worry, it really is straight forward. For me the answer was in five short words said by a guy I “just happened to meet” to change my opinion of pendulum dowsing: those words were “it …has …to… be… moving” What this guy meant by that was before you ask a question make sure the pendulum is swinging back and forth in a straight line towards and away from you. This gives it energy to be able to respond. Its the same as when dowsing with rods, you give them energy by raising your arms into the search position, here with a pendulum you set it swinging and therefore it already has kinetic energy. And when you get used to it, it will respond quite quickly. It doesn’t matter what you want to use, often the first pendulum many people might come across is a wedding ring tied to piece of cotton used to determine if a pregnant mother is going to have a boy or a girl.

There are very many shops selling pendulums of all sorts and one will jump out at you when are ready for it. So you can start with a very simple one. I tend to hold it on a short chain, so that it works fast. You can hold them on a longer line, but it will take longer to respond. This really is a matter of choice and preference for each individual. If you have a crystal pendulum then its advised that you ask it each day or even each dowsing session to be shown the “yes” and the “no” The general “Rule” is, look after your dowsing tools and they will look after you. One of the thigs to bear in mind when you are buying or using a makeshift pendulum is the chord. It’s best if buying one to get it on a chain. A piece of cotton will have a tendency to twist and be irritating. So a chain is ideal.

Instructions: Using the pendulum So to start dowsing with your new pendulum: -

  • Get the pendulum swinging in the search position -
  • Ask it a question you know the answer to so that you can establish which direction the pendulum will swing for your “yes” response and which it will be for the “no” response. So I would ask “Am I sitting down?” YES “Am I standing up?” NO So you now have established how your pendulum will behave for each response.
  • Then you can start asking more complex questions but as with everything you need to practice practice practice practice and do even more practice. You need to be in a different mindset for meditating as illustrated in the video that is linked to in the video.
  • I can’t stress this enough. You HAVE to let yourself settle into a mindset that is NOT your daily monkey chatter mode of operating. This is why meditating is so useful for dowsing and associated mind skills. It opens up the opportunity for the brain to relax into a different state of being. You can use a pendulum outside of course but they tend to be more susceptible to the wind than rods are.

I use my pendulum inside when I am doing house healing work. Some people use a pendulum on map dowsing to show them the direction of things. So if I want to know in which direction our nearest town is then I would simply ask the question and ask to be shown so in this case you can see how the pendulum changes the angle that it is swinging at and therefore somewhere over there is our nearest town, and that’s correct. So it can be very useful and very clear too. Some dowsers use cards with information plotted on them like a diagram and in that case you can ask the pendulum to show you which is the correct value. You just do exactly the same as we just did with the direction finding.

How To Use A Pendulum To Get Answers Part 2

Having a conversation with a spiritual personality is what many refer to as spiritual dowsing. That’s how I got into dowsing and it was the only way I knew to dowse for many years. Some people are a little concerned about spiritual dowsing so I will be talking about the safety of dowsing at the end of this video. In summary dowsing is using an implement such as a rod or a pendulum to access your intuition. This enables you to gain information about things that seem to be aware to your subconscious but not immediately obvious to your logical, conscious mind. At it’s most basic level, if you want to get started dowsing, then to be effective, dowsing is based upon a two-fold process – That is:

  • 1) asking a closed question and
  • 2) receiving a response that is either positive or negative ie if you were having a conversation with somebody ask questions that enable them to give you a “yes” or a “no” .

You can go out into a field and simply hold rods and they will start to do something on their own - they will most likely point in a specific direction for example. But unless you have asked a question you won’t know what they are trying to tell you. I repeat, dowsing is a question and answer combination. Ask CLOSED questions AND be aware of what you are focussing on in your mind. Having said dowsing is about yes’s and no’s … If you want to find out information that is not simply a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response then you need to use the “yes / no” nature of dowsing to your advantage. The video shows an example of a question string by starting with broad questions and narrowing down the options in order to determine the age of a house. Ask general wide-reaching questions first and then narrow it down as quickly as possible. Don’t forget of course that you are always wanting to ask a question that gives you a yes or no response. Those of you who watched the first part of dowsing with pendulums will have seen that I had a moment where the pendulum refused to do what I wanted. It refused to demonstrate direction finding very well. I was told by an eagle eyed youtuber by the name of Alison that I had asked “can” you show me the direction of whatever I was looking for. And so yes of course the pendulum gave me a yes response. We all get caught out sometimes! One of the most frustrating things about dowsing is that sometimes you have to be ridiculously specific in how you ask your questions and you have to also make sure your question is as focussed in your mind and as clear as it can be on each question. Hamish Miller who said he never expected to get more than 80 percent correct answers when dowsing. It is very unlikely that any dowser is going to be 100% accurate all of the time. After all when was the last time you were right in absolutely every decision or thought you had during the course of a day? As with everything as you practice and your confidence builds your accuracy in dowsing will improve too. The main issue novice dowsers get concerned about is that they might open themselves up to psychic attack from an evil entity. Dowsing is the safest way into any of this subtle realm stuff and evil entities per se are very very rare for anybody to access just from dowsing. Depending on your emotional vibration, in other words where you heart is at and what you are dowsing for, you may encounter things that you don’t understand and if you find that you are getting manically excited about stuff, have trouble sleeping all of a sudden or start having headaches when you haven’t been used to having any in the past, then it possible you have picked up some detrimental energy but this does NOT mean that you have encountered an evil entity. Sacred sites for example can have such a mass of different frequencies within them that some of them are bound to affect some people in ways that are not entirely positive. This is why it is best to get in the habit of putting in place psychic protection before any dowsing session so as you develop you can avoid getting knobbled by any detrimental energy.