I Put Some Bee Gees Music Over North Korean Marching

I put some “You Dropped The Bomb On Me” Music Over North Korean Marching


The Koreans surely love American rock 🙂

Chinese Army – The Best Hell March 60th Anniversary HD

China – the largest army in the world – Mastery of Perfection

July. 11, 2021 - Comment: "This is a testimony why the Chinese Olympics were the most spectacular the world have ever seen. These marches which are uncontested among the various disciplines is to be marveled like that of the Seven Wonders of the World. Both Chinese and North Koreans are no match. The strife for perfection combined with the mastery of the several art forms: uniforms, choreography, precise formation and movement, styles of marching - is not to be found nor duplicated anywhere. The Chinese and North Koreans invented the "Art of Marching" and all which supports the presentation - full stop."