Art – The Expression and Manifestation of Perfection

We Created This Sphere of Existence and We Can Surely Make It Heaven

As members of the collective conscience, we have indeed manifest this world and all worlds which exist. We must know that we are endowed with the power of creation and therefore can change this world for the better. This is most evident with the culture of art.

Claudio Souza Mattos – Tarzan Boy Revisited

Claudio Souza Mattos - Tarzan Boy Revisited
The art of editing, set design, lighting, costume (attire), dance, music and choreography all come together as one but also as many experiences.

Comment: I love that black dude with the hat - I keep playing that part - why?
Reply: The fact that you do not know why that person dancing is intriguing is because you have not (in silence) asked yourself why. He is an example or representation of some quality within. That individual is actually a carnation of yourself. However, in this physical matrix, we appear to be separate.

All By Myself – Eric Carmen cover by Emily Linge

Iceland Volcano – Best Drone Footage

"What we are witnessing are several disciplines working harmoniously and at their highest levels." Production by: Léon Frey

I studied geology and finished my studies last summer. Now I work in science outreach. I started making videos only very recently, I was in Iceland in March/April and recorded with my phone only, then I went back to Iceland in May/June with a drone:) since I stayed quite long in Iceland, I had many opportunities to record material. Iceland is quite expensive however, I spent about 1000 dollars a week on average. But it was totally worth it - I had some of the best days of my life at the volcano;)
I used a Mavic Air 2. I am still trying to figure out what the best light is for filming the volcano. And what the best best exposure is for the drone camera." Léon Frey

Art is not only an expression of perfection

but also of love. The highest form of human perfection is in the various paths of art. This is a human experience not found in other species, within this universe. Art has a purpose and an objective, to uplift and to make self aware of the love and beauty all abound. It represents the highest form of humankind.