FBI Crimes and False Flags Operations

A Brief History of Criminal FBI Entrapment and False Flag Operations

April 13, 2022 - Comment: The FBI is the Most Notorious Domestic Terrorist Organization in the United States. Never forget Trump appointed False Flag Orchestrator Deep State Shill Chris Wray to the FBI & Threw flowers at him, Bloated Bill Barr & Woke America Hating Communist Mark Milley for 2 years. All Trump appointees & the Sheep want Trump Back. Notice how the FBI Swept the Las Vegas 1 October Massacre under the rug? Notice how you never hear another word about the shooter patsy they set up in the El Paso Walmart shooting where over 21 shoppers all said they saw 4 men dressed in Swat type uniforms wearing masks do the shootings. Walmart has video surveillance in every isle yet the FBI refused to release any videos only still shots of their patsy shooter wearing hearing protection, he was told it was a training exercise. Banned Videos

FBI Crimes – Malcom X

FBI Involvement in Michigan Governor Kidnapping Case Raises Questions of Entrapment

Jan. 24, 2022 - One of the most significant recent domestic terrorism cases in history is now bogged down in more than 1,000 hours of secretly recorded conversations as both critics and the defense accuse the FBI of manufacturing complicated, theatrical scenarios rather than pursuing the more complex task of unearthing actual extremist plots.

Prosecutors will attempt to prove that the suspects were inclined toward the violence from the start, their position relying heavily on the testimony of a star informant known as “Big Dan” or “Confidential Human Source-2,” who was paid about $54,000 over the course of the roughly six-month investigation and whose interactions with the suspects are rife throughout the court documents. The F.B.I. deployed at least 12 informants, as well as several undercover agents, some of whom have since been implicated or charged for crimes including domestic violence, perjury, and illegal weapons possession. Defense attorneys depict their clients as reluctant puppets entrapped by the F.B.I. agents and the informants whom they say came up with the kidnapping plot, describing discussions of violence on recordings or in encrypted chats as just inflammatory rhetoric. source

FDA/Pfizer’s Crimes Against Humanity – Jimmy Dore

Jan. 10, 2022 - Judge Orders Pfizer Vaxx Data Released In 8 Months – NOT 75 Years!

This response from the FDA is when you get key management from the FDA on the board of Pfizer.

It Is Time to Hold the FBI Accountable For Its Crimes

Malcolm X murder exonerations expose the FBI’s racist policies and the need for accountability.

Jan. 2, 2022 - On November 18, a New York judge threw out the convictions of Muhammad Aziz and Khalil Islam, 55 years after the two men were convicted of the February 1965 assassination of Malcolm X. A two-year investigation by the Manhattan district attorney’s office revealed that both the New York Police Department and the FBI failed to disclose exculpatory information about the men, which likely would have led to their acquittal. FBI Crimes - Malcolm X

VIDEO: FBI WON’T SAY If Agents Were Involved In Jan. 6

Jan. 18, 2022 - Under questioning from Senators Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz, high-ranking US Government officials refused to say whether undercover FBI agents were involved in the January 6 riots at the US Capitol Building, fueling suspicion and conspiracy theories about FBI involvement in provoking the Capitol invasion. Jimmy and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the evasive answers given by two government officials.

FBI – Above-the-Law – Incident on Jan 6 – 2021

Jan. 12, 2022 - At the Senate Judiciary Hearing on Tuesday, Ted Cruz questioned Jill Sanborn, Assistant Director for the Counterterrorism Division of the FBI about whether there were FBI informants present on January 6th. source

Uncovering the Cover-Up of the Vegas Mass Shooting – Route 91 (Another False Flag)

Jan. 17, 2022 - On October 1, 2017, 58 people were killed at the Route 91 country music concert in Las Vegas and 411 were wounded, with the ensuing panic bringing the number of injured to 867, in what is officially called the deadliest mass shooting committed by an individual in United States history.

Albert Einstein’s 3 Forces Which Rule The World

One of Albert Einstein’s many aphorisms, “three great forces rule the world: stupidity, fear and greed,”