Questions Asked About The Essence of Being


  • Is spiritualty entangled (inseparable) with quantum physics?
  • Do you exist?
  • Are you just a dust particle of the Collective Consciousness thinking you are a person?
  • Does "creation" exist? In other words, can anything be created or does it already exist?
  • How can something always exist or had no beginning?
  • Is math rooted in art?
  • Does math or relative proportions consistently define "beauty?"
  • If math is data, does it define everything - even "love" In other words, is math the expression or consequence of all that there is? If so, then can anything or an event which exist (or did exist), be duplicated?
  • Does the physics of this universe differ from that of another universe? If so, what are the results in the other universe?
  • Does an atom have an inner structure or is it without structure?
  • If we are a dust particle of the Collective Consciousness and do not own ourselves, then how can we be held accountable for our actions, when they are not ours but an expression of the Collective Consciousness?
  • Are: religions, sports and politics forms of occults? Occults: The occult, in the broadest sense, is a category of esoteric supernatural beliefs and practices which generally fall outside the scope of religion and science, encompassing phenomena involving otherworldly agency, such as magic, sorcery, and mysticism and their varied spellsWikipedia
  • What is so different of the number "zero" which when divided or mathematically manipulated can not be done with other numbers? Is "zero a number?"
  • Why is Zero designed in a circle as a place holder where other numbers are not like: 1 to 9
  • What does the number "zero" have in relation to the color, black?
  • Why is "Zero" a starting point (a baseline) but never indexed as a number? Zero is where everything starts, without zero there is no means of measuring. In order to measure or understand even an abstract, you must have a ground baseline. For instance, from zero to 1 in nothing, this is why you can easily get confused when adding the days of the week as number days. If an event happen on a Monday how many days have passed by if the current day is Wednesday? You would first think 3 days when the correct number is 2.
  • When you are talking to a person, who are you really talking to? When you are in the realm of love with another person who is participating in this love?
  • Is this matrix and other dimensions, filled with deception and riddles? A riddle is a statement, question or phrase having a double or veiled meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved. Wikipedia