Solar Power

Breakthrough Solar cell DOESN’T Run On Sunshine – With 50% Efficiency – Not Ready for the Market Yet

Oct. 3, 2022 - The art of storing and producing solar and wind energy has been around for a few decades. And with each new invention pertaining to these fields, more prototypes are being made and worked on, with scientists generating easier ways to generate electricity. However, scientists are still burdened with an issue. As they keep designing more ways to improve the cleanest and cheapest means of generating electricity, there is still no way to store this energy. And for this form of renewable energy to have a significant impact, there has to be a way to save this energy so that it would be accessed anytime, anywhere. And now, some researchers at MIT might come up with a breakthrough solar cell that serves as a solution to this problem and guess what? It doesn't run on sunshine! This breakthrough solar cell is a new way of generating electricity from any heat source, and it is not just a cell that only generates electricity. It also serves as energy storage and can turn it back into electricity when required. What is this breakthrough technology, how does it work, and how efficient would it be in saving energy for later use? Join us as we explore the breakthrough solar cell that does not run on sunshine.