False Flags On Structures

Observations/Analysis From an Engineer On The Surfside Building Collapse In Florida

Surfside Building Collapse In Florida

/ source: rumble.com


Quote: ". . . in the very first day of any engineering structural engineering class the instructor will drill it into your head that every structure we build and designed has to fail in a ductile manner. This means if it ( the structure ) is in distress or likely to fail it will very slowly and (with) a lot of deflection that is observable." ". . . the report ( for the Surfside Building ) is only 9 pages long so that tells you that for a building this size it is not in terribly bad shape . .  " " . .  but the thing that stands out the most while reading it (the report) is the first item they list is that their sliding doors are leaking . . "

How Does A 47-Story Skyscraper Drop Into iIs Own Footprint? Petition to Reinvestigate By 3500 Plus Engineers

March 24, 2022 - 9 11 truth which has thirty-five hundred architects and engineers signed on to a petition demanding a new investigation into the destruction of all three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11. " . .  and Jonathan Barnett says,  " . . the ends of the beams were partly evaporated." Then NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) came in in 2002 took over the investigation and threw out the metallurgical report, tossed out the evidence of explosions at all 3 towers by 156 witnesses particularly in the case of the Twin Towers explosions when witnesses stated it was like a train running under my feet - sounds like a pop, pop, pop that was heard all around the face of all 4 buildings. A nuclear microscope test and they find at 50,000 magnification power the ingredients of thermite - iron oxide and aluminum powder. This is an incredible finding in 2009 that has been unchallenged by the official narrative or by debunkers. There stands over 11,000 people which disappeared - with no trace - unaccounted for in these explosions. Ninety thousand tons of concrete pulverized into like, baby powder distributed over a 3 mile area.

Bottom line, you can not trust the US government, and now you are trusting what is being reported in Ukraine?