Biden’s Regime Prepares For War Against Americans

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Biden’s Regime Prepares For War Against Americans (like parents at school board meetings)

Jan. 14, 2022 - On Tuesday, the DOJ announced the creation of a Domestic Terrorism Unit, which is being formed by Attorney General Merrick Garland for the purpose of criminalizing the majority of the US population, who oppose the Communist takeover of the United States.

Many will remember back in October, how the Senate Judiciary Committee opened up a can of whupass on the Attorney General over the DOJ’s criminalization of parents at school board meetings, with Senators Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley upbraiding Garland and contemptuously urging him to resign.

And yet, despite these rebukes and despite the retraction and apology by the National School Board for the letter on which Garland’s memo was supposedly based, he refused to rescind his Orwellian directive to weaponize the FBI against parents who reject the Communist brainwashing in public schools.

Now, Garland has gone even further with this new Domestic Terrorism Unit. source ForbiddenKnowledgeTV

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