Food on Earth Could Run Out, Requiring Humans To Eat Each Other Until There Are No More People Left

Aug. 7, 2022 - In less than four years, only one human would be left if we all turned into cannibals, according to new research. Undergraduate students studying physics at the University of Leicester in England were interested in exploring the hypothetical situation, so they used a mathematical model to determine the approximate number of days when only a single human would be roaming the Earth.

The team of students calculated the amount of calories an adult male body is worth—about 125,800 calories they conclude—and then estimated that each human would eat a 2,500-calorie diet per day. Using an equation to calculate the scenario, they found that the last human would be left after 1,149 days or a little more than three years. NewsWeek

Cannibalism: Scientist Says Eating Humans Could Save Earth

Aug. 7, 2022 - A behavioral scientist from Sweden named Magnus Soderlund argued in a recent presentation that the way to combat climate change, save the planet and secure the earth for scores of upcoming generations is to — get this — eat people.

As far as far-left ideas go, this one about cannibalism and climate change just takes the cake. Talk about the eww factor. This guy’s whacked. That’s all there is to it.

Soderland, a behavioral scientist and marketing strategist, brought forth the idea in a talk bluntly titled, “Can you Imagine Eating Human Flesh?” WashingtonTimes