Escalating Crime In The US

Why Are States Controlled By The Democrats Escalating in Crime?

Sept. 4, 2022 - National crime data clearly shows that states which the Democrats rule have the highest crimes.

The Left’s Long Love Affair with Criminals

One shouldn’t think the Democratic Party militants — formerly the KKK (by now a marginal group with almost nothing behind the website) and now the exhumed Antifa and BLM — are some kind of anomaly.  Recall other leftists.  Recall the Soviet Union, where criminals were viewed as “socially close elements.”  In contrast, politics-related people (dissidents, nonconformists, “undesirable,” and other “unreliables”) were viewed as “socially dangerous” or “socially alien.”  Who is always the first to sincerely and enthusiastically respond to the socialist slogan “rob the loot”?  That’s right — those who have experience in robbery and looting.

Before the left came to power, criminals were helpful to the Bolsheviks in creating chaos (read: “prerequisites for revolution”).  After the left came to power, it became clear that criminals, as a rule, never intended to overthrow the existing government.  As a result of this cooperation, in Russia in the 20th century, the leftists created political banditry — i.e., using criminals against “class enemies” and “politically unreliable” ones — and the American left successfully adopted the idea of using malefactors.  (Should we say femalefactors or personfactors in Newspeak?) NoqReport

California Crime Wave – A Template Playing Out For Many States

Much of the crime is due to political leniency towards criminal behavior which can be found in states controlled by Democrats.

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Sept. 2, 2022 - For the past decade, crime in California has been escalating at an astonishing pace. And with no end in sight, the significant impact on residents and business owners is causing Californians to take necessary measures to protect their lives and property. What is behind the rise in the brazen behavior and steady deterioration of our society? Join Epoch Times Correspondent Siyamak Khorrami as he investigates how Californians are being impacted by the uptick in crime; why proponents of the initiative believe it is positively impacting our justice system; and what lies ahead for the Golden State under the current law.

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