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Fake Consumable Oils

You’re Buying FAKE Avocado Oil – The Great Avocado SCAM!


There's a good chance your buying avocado oil that is rancid, cut with soybean oil, or doesn't even contain any avocados! A recent study exposed how much fraud is in the avocado oil we buy every day, it's just as bad as the olive oil scam. Stick with the two brands I mentioned in the videos for "refined" or "expeller pressed" cooking avocado oil, Chosen Foods or Marianne's. Costco has the BEST price on these two avocado oils. Hope this video helps! helpful article: www.futurity.org/avocado-oil-...

You’re Buying FAKE Honey From China…Cut With Sugar & Other Nasty Stuff!

Only buy locally sourced honey, otherwise there is a good chance it's coming from China, is cut with sugar, has no pollen, and can have heavy metals. There is an abundance of good quality honey around the world, you just have to make sure you know exactly where it comes from. Ideally buy local and raw honey, this means it's not heated very high for filtration and still has living nutrients. Mad Love..Bobby Immune tea pre-sale list: forms.gle/s6jt872Sz18bJzKXA FlavCity shirts coming next week! Get my cookbooks & kitchen gear: www.amazon.com/shop/flavcity Montana honey: bkshoney.com/products/raw-mon...