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The Real Reason They Want To BAN CASH is much worse than you think. For years, cash transactions have been banned above certain limits, and in most countries, large cash bills have been removed from circulation. So for most people, hearing that cash is being banned isn't new news. But... the usual reasons for banning cash might not make sense when you step back and look at the much larger picture. In this video, I will discuss the 3 reasons why they want to ban cash, and give you what I think is the main reason and it's much worse than you might think. check it out and let me know what you think

Great Depression SHOCKING Financial Corruption

December 1930: the bank of the United States (a private bank with no actual government status) collapses in what was the largest bank failure in US history at the time, freezing some $200 million in depositors funds Prices are falling rapidly and the dollar buys you a lot more today than it did a couple of years ago, the problem is, there is no money in circulation March 1930: Long lines of people can be seen withdrawing their deposits from the bank today, the bank officials look scared, (then a few days later): No bank withdrawals are allowed today, they are doing an audit they tell me. Everything will be back to normal on Monday the manager has just told us all in line. At home, the president is on the radio and tells us not to panic, all is well The banks cannot allow withdrawals anymore because the money is no longer there. The banks explain that they lent the money to people for mortgages and businesses which they can no longer collect upon. This is due to homes being in the negative & business at a standstill, there is no hope, how will we ever escape this trap? Bank holidays are used as a way to stop people withdrawing money. Entry 1: Without warning, all banks, which are not even connected to one another, restrict withdrawals to 5% of balances! This all occurred on the same day. I’m told this has happened not just here, but across many Cities! It’s hard not to think suspicious thoughts. Entry 2: It has come to light that The 5% withdrawal restriction was passed into law in a secret meeting… I am starting to lose all faith in our Government. But anyone who deposits new money in the bank may withdraw on demand There was constant restructuring of the banks with broken promises, constantly going back to freezing withdrawals even of the accounts that had recently deposited money! Cash is King, if you have cash you can buy assets like stocks for pennies on the dollar, the problem is that very few people have any cash Cash is the only thing that talks these days, no checks or credit are accepted, anywhere There is no money in circulation anywhere. Scrip is now used in place of money in most major cities since cash is so hard to come by July 1933: there is yet again another criminal case against some bankers in the newspaper today. The investigation shows that the officers manipulated the figures in the financial reports and made loans to themselves for speculation without collateral At the same time, other bankers were promoting and selling their stock just the day before it collapsed, taking vast profits but leaving those who had bought the stock bankrupt as it crashed to being worthless - (according to the report, they sold these worthless stocks to those with very little money to begin with) More and more banking corruption comes to light on a weekly basis There were breeches in integrity everywhere, lawyers and bank officials were the main culprits. The bank officials were stealing people's money to live luxuriously with their family, while children on their doorstep were starving. What have we become? Have we really fallen so far from God's grace? March 1930: Our banks are collapsing at an ever-increasing rate, taking the depositors money along with them, 20% of the banks we’re told, have already collapsed August 1931: The panic starts to set in as the banks closed their doors with depositors money inside October 1931: dozens of banks start to combine into larger banks as they consolidate power After 2 years, people's money at the bank is still frozen, yet the banks are open for new business! Banks closing every single week, (March of 1933) almost every single bank in the country has now closed April 1934: The banks start to remove restrictions on deposits frozen for over 3 years. People can finally get access to their now devalued money again DISCLAIMER This video is for entertainment purposes ONLY & designed to help your thinking, not direct it. These videos shall NOT be construed as tax, legal or financial advice and may be outdated or inaccurate; all decisions made as a result of viewing are yours alone.


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What Happens to YOUR Debt After a Monetary Reset?

In this video, we discuss the effects that a monetary reset has on debt loads. Monetary resets can come in the form of hyperinflation, currency collapse, new money replacing old money, or global financial power shifts. In any of these cases, we discuss the real and nominal impact on all forms of debt for individuals. Buy/Store Gold: IRA Gold: Buy Bitcoin: Store Bitcoin: IRA Bitcoin:

The War On Cash Is Over – Do This Now

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Fast Fortune Club Review – Can You Really Make Money With This?

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Enjoy this fast fortune club review and remember that you can get my #1 Recommended Online Training Here: - About this video: In this fast fortune club review you will learn all about this financial product and whether you can really learn to earn money online through it or not. Most make money online products that are sold online are not great so watch this review and let me know what you think.

Secret Strategy Used By the Richest People in the World to Build Lifelong and Generational Wealth

The secret strategy used by the richest people in the world to build lifelong and generational wealth is simple, but very powerful. Using this strategy, that anyone can use will build more wealth faster than anything else you can do. And you can enjoy it, tax free, and pass down to future generations. In this video, I will explain - How this strategy works on any asset class - Exactly how you can implement it - Break down of the numbers and math so you can get an idea - How it can work for you and what you could expect - I will give you some predictions of where this can go, (this is the same strategy used by the worlds richest families), and it can work for you.

Your Pensions Are About to Get Trashed – June 6, 2020

"The biggest crises to hit after this pandemic, is that pensions are going to crash."(Robert Kiyosaki "Rich Dad Poor Dad") start=1875

How To Become A Millionaire In ONE Year (My Plan)

What does it mean to be a millionaire? When I say millionaire, I don’t mean have a million dollars cash in the bank account. I mean a net worth of a million dollars, across all my assets like stocks, real estate, cash, etc. Everything. Speaking of cash - what does a million dollars even look like? Have you ever seen a million dollars? What does it feel like? Today, I found exactly what a million dollars looks like. Dave Ramsey’s advice to becoming a millionaire is one of his most popular videos which got several million views and it’s a pretty simple strategy. The way to become a millionaire is to invest exactly $100 every single month in a tax advantaged account like a Roth IRA or a Traditional IRA, by buying a stock that’s growing at 12% per year - and if you can do that for 40 straight years, then you can become a millionaire if you can invest 100 a month with said 12% stock. Sounds easy. However, it’s a highly debated and disputed point amongst the finance community whether or not such a 12% stock even exists because keep in mind, the average historical stock market return rate is around 10%, or 6 to 8% real return after inflation. In fact, John Bogle, the legendary investor who created index funds and Vanguard, has even made a compelling case that the next ten years will return only …..4% per year. So 12% returns for 40 straight years is really optimistic. The stock in question was American Funds Investment Company of America, mutual fund ticker AIVSX which was started in 1934. It has averaged roughly 12% since it was FIRST created. Another one is the Pioneer Fund , ticker symbol PIODX which averaged 11.88% since 1928. So he’s not wrong that if you can save $100 and invest it at 12% in a Roth IRA account, letting it grow tax free, you’ll be a millionaire by age 60, if you started by age 20. If you’re using the Robinhood app like I am, a really good alternative to the AIVSX is VOO which is a large cap ETF with a much smaller expense ratio of .03% than AIVSX’s HUGE .5% and has outperformed it in the last 10 years. If you look for VOO in Robinhood you will find it. This is not financial advice because I’m still, not a licensed professional. Now here’s where I’m taking a complete opposite approach to becoming a millionaire . My investing philosophy differs from Dave Ramsey’s. I’m not saying my investing approach is better, but unlike Dave Ramsey’s approach which says you’re going to be working for 40 years until you’re a millionaire and ready to go out and live your life without needing a job, I prefer to work for a shorter period of time and retire much earlier in life by taking a slightly higher risk. Of course when I say retire I mean when your passive income meets and/or exceeds what you pay for your bills. Because at that point, you don’t need an active job if your passive income can pay for your lifestyle. Tbere are lots of different ways to do this like with real estate for example, and there are a ton of YouTube channels that are dedicated to specifically that with real estate, like Graham Stephan, MeetKevin, and others, but those are the only two real estate focused channels I watch. I personally prefer what are called income producing dividend stocks. These stocks allow me to collect passive income no matter where I am in the world, no matter what I’m doing. In addition to that, I want to maximize my time here on YouTube to finally reach millionaire status in 1 year. This is my million dollar plan. The plan to have a net worth of 1 million dollars by the end of 2021.