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The Perfect Compost Recipe

The Perfect Compost Recipe

the perfect compost recipe

Four ingredients for good compost, they are: Green -Browns -Air and Moisture. These four need to be balanced correctly for best results.  The components you add to a compose tea are carbon and nitrogen. The ratio of carbon and nitrogen is rather we label it a green or a brown.

  • Ingredients which have a high nitrogen content are called "greens"
    • grass clippings
    • fruit - vegetables
    • weeds and plants

  • Ingredients which have a higher carbon content are called "browns"
    • woody materials
    • straw and sawdust
    • cardboard - paper

Do not compost meats nor evergreens as the pine resin in evergreens can inhibit seed growth. When mixing compost, add 2 to 3 times as much of brown materials than greens.