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Every 4 minutes in the US, someone has a stroke

Amazing Stroke & Brain Injury Breakthrough! 60 MINUTES Australia

Individual results vary, not all patients respond. Additional treatment doses may be necessary to maintain the clinical response. Treatment for this indication is off-label. The method of treatment utilized is a patented invention of the INR®. Issued and pending U.S. and foreign patents, including U.S. patents 8,236,306; 8,349,323; 8,900,583; 9,808,523; Australian patent 2011323616 B2, European patent ES2620749 (T3), etc., all assigned to TACT IP LLC.

Stroke at 16 – Jordan’s Story

Nobody expects to have a stroke, especially not at 16. That is exactly why Jordan’s story is so incredible. Watch how quick thinking, a team of specialists at Memorial Hermann and the will to recover helped him go from extraordinary patient back to ordinary teenager.

Can the Brain Heal After a Stroke?

It is possible for the brain to rewire after a brain injury or a stroke. This process is based on the theory of neuroplasticity. That being said, there is an ideal way and a "less than ideal" way to restore function. Here you will learn the correct way to facilitate "positive" neuroplasticity and avoid what I call negative neuroplasticity.

This Is What A Stroke Does To Your Body


A stroke can occur at any time to anyone, but what causes them? And can you recover once you've had one?

Olympian Michael Johnson shares his stroke survivor journey.