How Math Predicts Behavior and Events

Mathematics is a part of everything. You can see it in the way that plants and acorns are structured. You can see the pattern that links directly to mathematics in the way that things are formed. It can also be used to explain human activities and emotions. Surprisingly, a genius known as Sean Gourley, a Physicist found that mathematics can be used to explain wars and predict any futures ones as well. Not only does this equation perfectly display past wars and battles, but it is also rumored to have been able to predict future warfare successfully. The way that this equation works is that it determines the trend in warfare and utilizes it to predict war successfully. One of the fascinating parts of the equation was that it was created for a different purpose. The purpose of this newly introduced equation was to collect information and news from multiple sources and store it in a system; it was then later discovered by Sean’s team that the equation predicted past and present battle and warfare, through a simple pattern that was constant. The study conducted in the aftermath of this discovery showed that wars follow the same trend and pattern. source

HOW Math Predicts WAR Outcomes

Sean Gourley uses raw data and mathematical computations to predict the fatality and frequency of attacks during war.