Ignorance Plus Power Is Insanity – Tucker and Salazar

Ignorance Plus Power Is Insanity

March 17, 2022 - Tucker Carlson clashes with Rep. Salazar over Russia-Ukraine war and borders. She wanted to return back to the Tucker show to set straight what was seemingly taken out of context in the first interview, however she steps into a serious cow pies in her second interview. Rep. Salazar demonstrates an inconsistent stance while Tucker drills her on the possible outcome in support of military opposition against Russia. She goes on to say, I am not imposing any view (on Ukraine) by enforcing a US/NATO no-fly-zone or sending the S-300 anti aircraft system to take out Russia planes - all within the context of "I an not imposing any views . . " on Ukraine nor Russia."

She is willing to send arm forces and military equipment to Ukraine but no US military to the U.S. southern border to stop the influx of millions of migrants.

You may ask or wonder, with such stupidity and inconsistency how does an individual like this gain an office position at your friendly Staples office supplies much less as a U.S. representative and serving on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs? Most congress persons have little knowledge nor practical sense.

  • Exhibit A: Do you support a no-fly-zone in Ukraine? Wouldn't this mean a direct conventional warfare with Russia? If you have to shoot down Russian planes -  ". . of course, freedom is not free . . "
  • Exhibit B: Salazar stated, "this (in the above video) was taken out of context"

Unfortunately both Democrats and Republicans agree on the manner on which to support Ukraine's president.

Idiots in Congress Cheer For Nuclear War With Russia

March 18, 2022 - Comment: "Problem in modern world: yesterday they were a virusologist, today they are geopolitics experts and military advisors"