Kamala Harris Facts

by Jonas E. Alexis

In his recent article “5 Jewish things to know about Kamala Harris,” Ron Kampeas of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency has said that Kamala Harris is “more AIPAC than J Street.”[1] This is not new at all. Harris sold her soul to the Israeli regime long ago. Back in 2017, Harris said unequivocally:

“Let me be clear about what I believe. I stand with Israel because of our shared values which are so fundamental to the founding of both our nations. I believe the bonds between the United States and Israel are unbreakable, and we can never let anyone drive a wedge between us.

“And I believe Israel should never be a partisan issue, and as long as I’m a United States senator, I will do everything in my power to ensure broad and bipartisan support for Israel’s security and right to self-defense.”[2]

What about the poor Palestinians, Ms. Harris? Do they have the right to self-defense? What if your home, your children, your neighbor, and country were literally obliterated by a racist and terrorist state? What if the same state continues to expel the Palestinians from their homes through the so-called the annexation plan? Do you have a moral right to fight back? We keep beating a dead horse, but it seems pertinent to bring in Israeli and Zionist historian Benny Morris in our political equation here again. Morris declared:

“A Jewish state would not have come into being without the uprooting of 700,000 Palestinians. Therefore it was necessary to uproot them. There was no choice but to expel that population. It was necessary to cleanse the hinterland and cleanse the border areas and cleanse the main roads. It was necessary to cleanse the villages from which our convoys and our settlements were fired on.”[3]