Killer Bots in the Skies

Killer Bots in the Skies

February 05, 2014

The new breed of killer bot is fully programmed to select targets without human intervention.
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Taranis is a semi-autonomous drone designed to carry out intercontinental flights and lethal strikes against both aerial and ground targets. The project, which has so far cost 185 million pounds ($300 million), is jointly funded by the UK Ministry of Defense and companies like Rolls Royce and General Electric.

What has become a target of public debate in particular, ever since the drone’s prototype was unveiled in 2010, is its stated capability of “deep target attacks” by means of its “fully autonomous intelligent system.”

This rang warning bells among some activists, who have raised questions about whether the robotic planes will be authorized to choose and destroy targets on their own, while apparently not having the ability to tell combatants and civilians apart. source: