Moscow Will ‘Respond Accordingly’ If Israel Gives Ukraine Military Equipment, Russian Envoy Says

Israel Considers ‘Nonlethal Military Aid’ to Ukraine Amid Soaring Tensions with Russia, Says Report

Moscow will ‘respond accordingly’ if Israel gives Ukraine military equipment, Russian envoy says

May 6, 2022 - Israel is considering expanding its military aid to Ukraine from “helmets and bulletproof vests” to “nonlethal military equipment” following a request made by the Biden administration, a report said, as tensions between Moscow and Tel Aviv soar over the conflict.

A senior Israeli official told Axios that the Israeli regime is considering the Biden administration’s request, made last week, but it “will only provide nonlethal military equipment.”

Last week, Israel sent a top military chief to Ramstein Air Base in Germany for a US-led meeting on sending weapons to Ukraine.

“The Biden administration made it clear to the Israelis that the US understands its complicated situation with Russia and appreciates what it has done so far in terms of aid to Ukraine, but hopes it could do more in providing military equipment,” Axios quoted US and Israeli officials as saying.

The message, according to the report, was delivered during a meeting between White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan and his Israeli counterpart, Eyal Hulata, at the White House last week.

Haaretz also reported on Tuesday that Israeli officials are now “expected to support sending Ukraine military aid, albeit at symbolic levels, and still with hopes of keeping its relationship with Russia intact.”

Israel will not consider sending offensive arms or advanced defensive technology, such as the Iron Dome anti-missile system, but will attempt to find equipment that can be donated without sparking a crisis with Moscow, Haaretz quoted an Israeli official as saying.

“There’s still no plan to provide offensive weaponry, but only defensive arms,” the source was quoted as saying. PressTV