Nano and MRNA Technologies Utilized in Vaccines + (5G)

WHY Is The Government Using MRNA Technology and 5G To SEPARATE You From God?!

Jan.26,2022 - Clay Clark on the Flyover Conservatives show discussing MRNA Technology and 5G and how the government is using it to block the God Gene. All websites mentioned in the show are listed below. Important Websites Clay’s Site Going Through Timeline of Revelations

The Ultimate Prison- Earth

Jan. 26, 2022 - Is it possible that Earth is in fact an entire planet somehow captured and turned into a multi-dimensional prison, entrapping not only the physical bodies of the humans but also their souls?

A very cleverly crafted system where the beings here get brainwashed and programmed to go to the “light” after death. This “light” is some kind of dimensional/spiritual technology that captures the souls then re-cycles them right back onto the Earth through FORCED re-incarnation. The system is so sinister and crafty from all angles that until now it has been very difficult if not impossible to escape from. (A possible explanation to Earth’s overpopulation of human souls, capturing not only our souls, but those of passing or visiting ETs).