Operation WarpSpeed: “The Jab”

The Massive World Vaccination Plan

Big Media’s Spin

Dr. James E. K. Hildreth or is it Dr. James Childress?

A scientist discrediting other scientist and scientific studies

COVID-19 conspiracy theories called 'total nonsense' from NewsChannel 5

James Earl King Hildreth is an American immunologist and academic administrator. Hildreth serves as the 12th president and chief executive officer of Meharry Medical College. Hildreth is credited with groundbreaking work around AIDS and HIV and was the first African American to hold a full tenured professorship in basic research at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Edward D. Miller calls Hildreth "one of the most influential HIV researchers in the world." source: Wikipedia


Born:James Earl Hildreth, December 27, 1956, Camden, Arkansas, U.S.

Residence:Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.
Citizenship:United States

Dr. Rashid A Buttar On the Accuracy of Covid Testing

Who is Dr. Rashid Buttar?

Rashid Buttar bio: www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9v_sclcwMc