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The Senate is about to vote on a bill that could kill crypto. Use this form to call your Senator now TAKE ACTION!

Tell NATO and the U.S. to stop escalating conflict in Ukraine – Take Action

Jan 12, 2022 - Right now, there is a dangerous escalation of tensions at the Russia/Ukraine border and the real possibility of a military conflict that could easily spiral out of control. The United States and NATO have played a major role in exacerbating this conflict and we must now call on them to play a role in its de-escalation. Take Action (Code Pink)

Petition To Strip Tony Blair of His Knighthood

Jan 6, 2022 - The Queen Tony Blair had knighted Tony Blair. I feel this is an absolute disgrace given everything that man has done to this nation from uncontrolled mass migration to leading us into an illegal war in Iraq. He is an enemy of the English people and he shouldn’t be knighted, in fact he should be on trial for crimes against the English people.

I’m calling for Blair to be stripped of this knighthood immediately! Take Action

US Warmongers, Stop Provoking A Russian Confrontation! 

Take Action

Another Story of Injustice in the Courtroom - Take Action

A judge determined that Anthony Swain was eligible for release, but set his bond at $650,000, an amount that no one but the very wealthiest would be able to afford. As a result, Anthony has suffered in jail for four years, waiting for a trial that never comes. He is a paraplegic man with a rare degenerative disease that affects his respiratory and immune system. Without proper medical treatment, the disease can be deadly. Take Action

US Get Out of Ukraine Petition

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Glynn Simmons has been languishing in an Oklahoma prison for 42 years

Oct. 10, 2021 - Glynn Simmons has been languishing in an Oklahoma prison for 42 years, since being convicted of a robbery/murder in 1974. There is no evidence linking Glynn to the crime. The prosecutor in his case has expressed regrets over how he tried the case - Take Action

Tell Congress to Cancel Medicare Cuts Today!

On January 1, 2022 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will drastically reduce payments for certain health care providers. If Congress does not act to stop these cuts, it will further strain practices that are still struggling to keep their doors open during the ongoing pandemic. Take Action

No War with Iran Petition

Our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been tragic and disastrous on every level. It is essential that Congress refuse to go along with their demands. Tell your members of Congress to oppose the drumbeat for another war: TAKE ACTION