Adam Trombly lectures about climate change and building his own version of an "N" Machine. Additional confirmation of the science of "Zero Point" energy exploration combined with clear statements of environmental responsibility. Trombly's creates as his response to the information presented.

Reflections On a Time of Reckoning for World Leaders

Nov 10, 2021 - Consider these things – reflections on a time of reckoning for world leaders Discussion with scientist, inventor, and environmental leader and elder, Adam Trombly The much anticipated global environmental summit of nations, COP26 in Glasgow, has had the world’s weight of expectations and need. We are close to the end of the meeting in Glasgow. This important meeting has produced a number of new promises in response to the dire warnings about the state and health of the planet but there is still the importance of writing everything up in a manner to which nations can all agree. Meanwhile, the leadership of the largest polluter in the world, China, has been absent both in person and online from COP26, and the same goes for Russia. The world has two prominent existential threats facing it – one of those is climate change and the other is the perennial spectre of great power conflict. All this is happening when geopolitical tensions are rising and the ultimate need to be able to rely on a habitable planet is being tested, both involving processes and orders of magnitude that go far beyond humankind’s facile and linear expectations of control.

A Prayer for Intervention

5/21/2014—BY ADAM TROMBLY—"On the evening of August 28th 2013 I sat in my Aspen office typing into my computer. The FLIR IndentiFINDER 2 radiation meter sat on my desk taking gamma radiation/isotope/neutron measurements of the ambient air. Every twenty minutes the instrument takes a two-minute sample of the gamma radiation emitted by radionuclides present in the air we are breathing.

The next day the alarm levels continued. I had never seen such a dramatic acute local example of the increased radiological contamination resulting from Fukushima-Daiichi. The really stunning fact is that the radiation levels we were seeing those few days in August do not get close to exceeding the newly proposed Obama ionizing radiation exposure standard inspired by the new Japanese standard which increased daily dose criteria for the Japanese public up to 100,000 times formerly permissible levels.

At 3:00 in the morning of August 30th, 2013 we went to bed praying for intervention. We were tired and in need of renewal. We simply asked for a sign, a little flexure of spiritual muscle. We needed an indication that we are still in a process where higher intelligence can intervene. We breathed and breathed our feeling prayer.

We awoke at 7:30 and felt so much better. It was a soft surprise. Clarity had cleared away the nuclear fog.

The meter sat on a stool by the bed. I reached for it and saw that the Alarm status had ceased and that the background radiation was less than a third of what it had been a few hours before. My thyroid glands no longer tested positive for Iodine-131. Even the soils, which had indicated contamination the day before, now produced readings that were better than normal. Something had definitely happened.

A couple of other people who were monitoring the local environment also noticed the dramatic abatement of the event. One of them asked me if we “had developed a new technology at the Institute for Advanced Studies to alleviate radiation from the environment?”

I told him no. He responded, “Then what just happened?” like he was deeply shaken by the positive turn of events. “We just prayed; that’s all. We just prayed.”


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