Reptiles Entities Which Inhabit Humans

Reptiles Entities Which Inhabit Humans

These beings inhabit humans that have large corporations or influence.

Resources About “Three Different Entity Forms”

  • The Reptilian: Egocentrically dedicated to the darkness, and the cruelest, most vile, despicable type of lower entity is the reptilian. Within the last twenty years, generating information about the reptilian based on personal experiences is a realism. Though formless to the human eye because of the low vibration, the reptilians dominate this world.
  • The Shape-Shifter: The second type of dark entities are shape-shifters. A shape-shifter can change from one shape to another. The shifting of forms are limited; lower entities cannot materialize as a human; but, can possess a human if the human allows such an occurrence.
  • The Demon: The third type of dark entity is the demon.

Are Reptilian Extraterrestrials Controlling Earth?




Remember, with anything you read, see or hear. Do thorough research on the topic and come to your rational conclusion!

Scary Shapeshifters Caught Changing On TV

Reptilian humanoids, or anthropomorphic reptiles, appear in folklore, fiction, and conspiracy theories.

The World Is Controlled by a Group of Elite Reptiles

When you think of famous celebrities, politicians, and leaders of the world it’s hard to believe that they are normal human beings like us; they just seem to be bigger and better than the average person. But what if they weren’t humans at all? What if they were actually fifteen-feet tall reptilian-like shape shifters from outer space who came to Earth and took slowly took over our governments and entertainment industry for the sole purpose of enslaving the human race? These reptiles control us by creating wars and mindless entertainment to keep us distracted. Famous reptiles include Queen Elizabeth II, the Bush Family, CEOs, global banking leaders, and even celebrities like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. These reptiles also are believed to make up the Illuminati and can take on human forms by creating vibrations that give us the illusion that they are human. It seems like something that would be in a science-fiction movie, but in reality many people actually believe this wild conspiracy theory. This theory first become popular in 1998 after a man named David Icke published his book called The Biggest Secret and remains popular today. Along with the book information about this theory is also widely available on the Internet from YouTube videos to conspiracy theory forums and news articles. What makes this belief extraordinary is that it suggests that there are alien shape-shifters roaming our planet and controlling us normal humans. source