Russia On Ukraine VS US/NATO On Iraq

Comparing The US and Friends Invasion of Iraq to the Invasion of Russia on Ukraine

Living In the City of Kharkiv, Ukraine During the Russian Invasion

March 22, 2022 - How the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine is like during the Russian invasion.

The Lies, Thievery, Torture and Genocide Against Iraqi Civilians Who Were Non Whites – However You Got the Sound of Crickets

March 21, 2022 - The lies, thievery and genocide against Iraqi civilians who were non whites. Did the UN, Europe or any other nation raise up in protest? What about the impact of depleted uranium on birth defects which are still continuing?

George Galloway vs the US Senate (FULL TESTIMONY)

George Galloway's scathing attack on the US Senate in his testimony in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday 17th May 2005.