Russia’s Request and Response to NATO In Ukraine

Putin to Biden: “Finlandize Ukraine or We Will”

Dec. 18, 2021 - Alex Jones breaks down the tensions with Russia over Ukraine.[popup_trigger id="38084" tag="button"]See: meaning of "Finlandize"[/popup_trigger]

NATO Challenges Russia, Promises Ukraine Membership, What Will Putin’s Next Move Be?

NATO has reassured support to Ukraine for NATO membership amid threats of Russian invasion. Tensions between Russia and NATO have been mounting as Moscow continues its military buildup at the Ukraine border. NATO chief referred to a 2008 summit during which the alliance had promised membership to Ukraine and Georgia. He emphasised that whether Ukraine can join NATO, is a decision that will be taken by Kyiv and NATO allies alone. Ukraine is not a NATO member and so the alliance is under no obligation to defend the country if it is attacked. However, Kremlin has described NATO activities in Ukraine as a threat