Study Of Sounds Of Vowels and the Human Voice

Toroidal Shape

To·​roi·​dal tȯ-ˈrȯi-dᵊl. : of, relating to, or shaped like a torus or toroid : doughnut-shaped.

In mathematics, a toroid is a surface of revolution with a hole in the middle. The axis of revolution passes through the hole and so does not intersect the surface.[1] For example, when a rectangle is rotated around an axis parallel to one of its edges, then a hollow rectangle-section ring is produced. If the revolved figure is a circle, then the object is called a torus.

The Hidden Study Of Sounds Of Vowels and the Human Voice (The Creation of Toroidal Fields )

  1. The Multi-dimensional Symphony of VowelsThe journey to toroidal fields to scalar waves
  2. The journey to toroidal fields to scalar waves:

June 13, 2023 - This is what toroidal fields, created by the sounds we make when we speak, look like. Phenomenal research has been conducted to illustrate the different shapes and structures of these toroidal fields that are associated with different letters and sounds, especially vowels. As we speak, these toroidal fields that we generate and shape with our mouths – infinite forms, shapes, and creativity – actually transform into scalar waves. This scalar technology permeates all of creation instantly. The thoughts we have or the words we speak don't need an explanation to permeate all of creation. This occurs instantaneously. By: Video Advice.

What Is A Scaler Wave?

Scalar Waves

scalar wave is a purported type of electromagnetic wave that works outside physics as we know it.

The central conceit is that scalar waves restore certain useful aspects of Maxwell's equations "discarded" in the 19th century by those fools Heaviside, Hertz, and Gibbs.[1] Nikola Tesla was also interested in them, in his more-than-a-little-odd period. source:

Free energy advocates have pushed the concept since the 1990s,[2] particularly Thomas E. Bearden. It has since been adopted by some alternative medicine practitioners as the new "quantum": a universally-applicable sciencey handwave to support any arbitrary claim whatsoever.[note 1] Conspiracy theorists hold that it is behind weather-changing superweapons that brough down space shuttles.[3]