The Creation Of Man By The Anunnaki

The Creation Of Man By The Anunnaki

The true Anunnaki account of the Biblical events in the Garden of Eden showing the conflict between Enki and Enlil

In this entry we explore the suggestion made in Zechariah Sitchin’s idea that the story in Genesis in the Bible is actually about the creation of Humans by a group of Ancient Astronaut Aliens called the Anunnaki.

In books such as The Lost Book Of Enki, Sitchin gives an interpretation of the Genesis Bible story of the creation of Humans as really showing how Humans were created through an Ancient Astronaut Genetic experiment conducted by a Race of Extraterrestrial Beings known as the Anunnaki.


Ancient Astronauts Create Humans To Mine Gold

Sitchin suggests that the Sumerian records reveal that around 445,000 BC a total of 50 Anunnaki Ancient Astronauts landed in the area that would later become known as Mesopotamia in order to mine Gold.

The Anunnaki had ventured from their own Planet to Earth (Ki) because the atmosphere on their Planet Nibiru had deteriorated forcing them to find Off-Planet sources of Gold. It would be the quest for gold that would lead to the creation of the Humans by the Anunnaki.

At first, the Ancient Astronauts tried to get Gold from the rivers of Mesopotamia in the region between the Tigris and Euphrates and there was no need for the additional labour that would eventually result in the creation of man by the Anunnaki.

However, the Anunnaki soon discovered that the amount of Gold in the Ocean was not adequate, and so the Ancient Astronaut gold-mining operation was moved to Africa where huge gold deposits were found.

As things turned out, it would be the relocation of Anunnaki Gold Mining activities to Africa that would set off the chain of events which would lead to the Ancient Astronaut decision to create Humans.

Anunnaki arrives @ Edin