The Garden of Eden Was a Lab for the Creation of Human Beings

The Creation Of Man By The Anunnaki

Sumerian clay tablet (MS Doc. 829) Zabala, southern Iraq, ca 2200 BCE MS Doc. 829 This diminutive clay tablet was written by a Sumerian scribe in an administrative office around 2200 BC. The full translation of the laconic text runs as follows: 18 jars of pig fat – Balli. 4 jars of pig fat – Nimgir-ab-lah. Fat dispensed (at ?) the city of Zabala. Ab-kid-kid, the scribe. 4th year 10th month. There are plenty of uncertainties about this translation. We cannot be sure that the personal names Balli, Ningir-ablah and Ab-kid-kid are correctly transcribed because of the multivalence of cuneiform signs at this date. Moreover, there are no verbs to tell us whether Balli and Nimgir-ablah were receiving pig fat or handing it out. The fat was either poured out at Zabala or for Zabala, an ancient city of central Sumer whose patron deity was the goddess Inana, identified with the mounds of Ibzeikh. The tablet may have been written at Zabala, but it is also possible it was written at, and was rediscovered in, the even more important city of Umma further to the east. To decide this we need to take account of other similar documents.

Creation of a Servant  Race; of Adamu and of Ti-amat

The creation of what we now regard as the "Human Race", Homo Sapiens Sapiens, was not, according to the Sumerian sacred literature, by the Creator god, the source of all life in the Universe, but by the lesser self-proclaimed gods who came to Earth from Nibiru searching for gold to save their own planet from atmospheric deterioration and eventual death of all living things on their planet.   They were themselves the creation of the Creator God, and they, in turn, created us.

To those who are now taught Evolution in most schools of the industrialized Western Civilizations and their clones, their teachers' explanation of the origin of mankind is partly correct, but seriously flawed.   Mankind was not a chance development in a long line of "nature's" experiments, but was actually "created" by divine individuals who had a purpose in mind, and kept at it until "they" achieved their purpose. Both the identity of the "Creators of Mankind" is in the Bible, and their purpose is in the Bible, but are both well hidden, and many substitute beliefs are in the Bible making, as usual, the Truth hard to find.

The Garden of Eden is recognized in the three Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. But some other religions and cultures have creation stories containing a similar concept to the biblical Garden of Eden that date back much further in history than the Old Testament. And while most scholars readily acknowledge the more ancient sources for the Book of genesis, the vast majority of Jews and Christians seem either unaware of the roots of their own religions and/or have little interest if any in learning that truth.

Creation of a Servant

 Race; of 

 Adamu and 

 of Ti-amat