The Simulacrum

Simulacrum Segment

Comment: You say, we can not grow outside of the "Construct" It, (The construct ) allows the growth of immortal beings such as ourselves to be able to develop and do things in an environment that wouldn't - it can't do it on the outside of the "Construct," we can't grow outside of the "Construct." We can not grow where there is absolute perfection."

In a world of absolute perfect why is a need to develop? Perfection is the highest state of being - there is no need nor desire.

What Is Simulacrum?

There is a similarity betweenย simulacrumย andย simulate. Both words come fromย simulare, a Latin verb meaning "to copy, represent, or feign."ย Simulacrumย is the name for an image or representation, andย simulate means "to look, feel, or behave like something." Merriam Webster