The New Covid-19 Bill

The New Covid-19 Bill

  • The bill has passed both House and Senate without being read by the vast majority of those voting in favor. Congressional leaders took the must-pass nature of the $900 billion package of long-overdue Covid-19 assistance
  • One disturbing section dramatically expands copyright law to the point that anyone caught in “unauthorized streaming” of copyrighted content more than once could face 10 years in prison – even if they didn’t know the content was protected
  • the bloated aid package will lavish Israel with a whopping $3.8 billion in grants and foreign aid – much of it earmarked for purchasing weapons frequently used to violate international law – and dump hundreds of millions more on such paragons of human rights as Egypt and Sudan
  • Americans, meanwhile, get a pitiful $600 each as many states remain economically shut down with no end to the ‘new normal’ in sight
  • The Covid relief bill sets aside funds to investigate the “1908 Springfield Race Riot"
  • The porkstravaganza isn’t entirely evil, of course. Many of the provisions merely represent garden-variety greed and venality ($193.4 million for HIV/AIDS relief workers to buy and insure “official motor vehicles,”

Presenting Your Criminal US Government – The Great Unmasking

Dec 22, 2020 -

"This bill is a slap on the face." "Six hundred dollars is not a relief check, it is a cruel joke."

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