"If you do little to nothing to oppose the abuse of power, you are in fact contributing to the demise of society as a whole and in particular, this nation."

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
― Martin Luther King Jr. Click image above to Take Action

The Tax Option

Taxation Is Theft and How To Become a Prior Taxpayer (PT) With Jeff Berwick on Reluctant Prepper

Jeff is interviewed by Dunagun Kaiser for Reluctant Preppers. Topics include: where taxes came from, why taxes are unjust, and how you can opt-out! Also Jeff takes on viewer questions on the Internet Kill Switch, Fake News, Wikileaks, And whether Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are starting a domino-collapse of banking and governments to restore liberty. Learn more about Bitcoin and subscribe to The Dollar Vigilante newsletter here: dollarvigilante.com/subscribe

How to Legally Not Pay Taxes by Tom Wheelwright

Tom Wheelwright, CPA and Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki, discusses how it's possible to legally not pay taxes and still be very wealthy. He discusses how to take advantage of the tax laws in order to keep more of your money where it belongs - in your pocket! Learn more here: wealthability.com