The Truth About Monkeypox

The Truth About Monkeypox (Greg Reese Report)

Everything we know about Monkeypox That The Corporate Media Won’t Tell You

May 25, 2021- Bullet Points:

  • An electron microscope can not distinguish between the various pox viruses - as all pox infections are in distinguishable
  • According to actual science, there is a strong argument that: Smallpx, Monkeypox, Chickenpox and Shingles are all the same thing as there is no actual proof that they are different
  • Wuhan (China) biolab carried out gain of function research in Monkeypos virus
  • February 2022, the Chinese Scientific Journal published that the Wuhan Institute created a PCR test for Monkeypox
  • PCR test were meant to create false positives for the COVID-19 virus - it will again be used for Monkeypox
  • The Western Media is the real virus, when they put out the fear, followers will come calling for the vaccines

Comment: Here we go again, Bill Gates and the DemocRats definitely are after us with virus after virus, vaccine after vaccine to cheat in the mid-term and depopulation 90% of us with vaccines. Resist don't comply patriots.