The USS Liberty

U.S. Governmental Treason of the Highest Order – The Enemies of Your Country Are Outside and Within Its Ranks

Nov. 19, 2021 - On June 8, 1967 the Israeli air force knowingly attached and tried to sink the U.S. Liberty operating in an intelligent gathering mission to monitor Egypt and Israel actions on the sea and air. If the ship could be sunk - and all lives be lost (with no witnesses,) the sinking would be blamed on Egypt by Israel and certain elements operating as a fifth column inside the US government. In short, the U.S. navy instructed the crew to not leak any information about what they witnessed and they would be decorated and compensated for the injuries and loss of life.

Don Pageler's presentation about the tragic attacks on the USS Liberty where he was serving as a classified communication specialist. The Liberty crew received the most decorations for a single ship action in U.S. history: Congressional Medal of Honor, 2 Navy Crosses, 38 Silver-Bronze Stars, and 208 Purple Hearts. There were 34 KIA and 174 WIA. Don made the presentation at the Western Museum of Flight Celebrity Lecture Series in Torrance, CA. Produced by Betty Wheaton and Jarel Wheaton.

A Comment On Youtube On the USS Liberty

I was in 3rd grade at the time. My cousin was in the US Navy and was in Malta the Liberty was towed there and my cousin was horrified by the condition and stories from the crew. That following Christmas he was home and I heard the stories he told the Adults. Back at school (now 4th Grade) My Teacher (Jewish) was explaining to the class how Wonderful Israel was and how Israel was a great Ally! I chimed in asking why Israel attacked a US navy ship? I was grabbed by the wrist and dragged to the Principal's office. I was called a liar and when i defended my story I was told I came from a Family of liars and my parents were called in. My parents were told that Unless I had Proof (them included ) I could go to another school. I brought it up again in High school and was sent to the Vice principals office. One of the History teachers (former US Navy) listened to the account. He stated he heard it to and I was released. Even though it was already handled in diplomatic circles it was not common knowledge in 1973. I can safely say it is still not common knowledge