The Words of Red Crow – Hopi Prophecy

The Words of Red Crow

Apocalypse HOPI Prophecy is Coming True | Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman (Kangi Duta)

It’s All Playing Out In Front Of Our Eyes | RUSSELL MEANS

Russell Means was an Oglala Lakota and one of the most vocal activists for the rights of the Indigenous People of America. He was also an actor and the first director of the American Indian Movement. This recording from 2011 perfectly portrays what is playing out in America right now.

COLORES – Hopi Prophecy

More than any other tribe in North America, the Hopi Indians have developed according to the dictates and demands of what may be called a legacy of prophecy. The predictions of the life to come do not merely pertain to the Hopi themselves but deal with impending events on a global scale.

Hopi Prophecy – the Blue Star Kachina Hopi Prophecy