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Complaint Example I

Company Name: timeshare resource center
Company Address: 2360 corporate circle, nevada, las vegas
Company Website: timeshareresource8@gmail.com
Company Phone: 702 418 0238
Sales Person: max diaz
Additional Names: ana cristina rodriquez

I recieved a phone call on july 7,2014 telling me that my time share has been sold by his company for 27,300. that i had to send $450 to ana cristina rodriquez at dominican republic she is the settlelment agent. that once that transaction was completed i would get a my check. ii sent the money via western union . he called me back telling me she received the money and that i had some extra money for the time share because i never used it and that some money had been banked to my timeshare. he wanted me to send another $250 to the settlemen agent. i told him i couldnt . he said he could make something happen . i havent heard form him since. i have called repeatedly but his phone is always goes voice mail

This industry needs to be regulated

If the company goes belly up what happens to your title? 

In a timeshare, you either own your vacation unit for the rest of your life, for the number of years spelled out in your purchase contract, or until you sell it. Your interest is legally considered real property.


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Timeshare Resale Fraud – Florida

The Attorney General’s Office protects timeshare owners by investigating the business practices of telemarketing companies that market their advertising services to timeshare owners interested in selling or renting their timeshare interests. Many of these companies charge exorbitant fees and perform very few services.

Under Florida law, these companies are called “Resale Service Providers” and are required to provide a written disclosure of the fees and costs relating to advertising, listing, or sale of a timeshare interest, as well as other disclosures. Consumers also should request a contract in writing prior to providing any payment information. source: http://www.myfloridalegal.com/timeshares

Complaint Example II

I had someone from there sale department call me by the name Florence asking if we wanted to sell are time share. So my husband I thought about it and we were not using it no more. We say yes why not . Timeshare Resales Source send us the paper work we had to sing and send them a fee for marketing of $998.00 that was pay by my husband card. And if they did not sell are time share in laps of ten months we can put a offer to them with there broker. So they can gives between 5000 to 8000 .
So we did ask the broker to offer us a price and to my surprise they offer us $79.09 plus we still had to pay them $479.00 on top of that. So at the end of all of this they still won and took are money $998.00.
Please help us .