Peoples Convoy – USA – 2022


Feb. 23, 2022 - The Pete Santilli Show Episode 2827 6 PM with special guest Maureen Steele joins Pete Santilli to give an update on the people's convoy while on the road. Share this interview far and wide! URL:

American Peoples Convoy ! Feb. 23 to descend on Barstow to Travel to Washington DC!

Feb. 23, 2022 - Organizers say the convoy, Bill Maher Rips on Justin Trudeau - Real Time with Bill Maher February 11 2022which follows similar Ottawa, Canada protests, will call on lawmakers to lift the declaration of a national emergency concerning the COVID-19 pandemic and to stop depriving U.S. citizens of their "fundamental rights" by enforcing mask and vaccine mandates.

Remember - It All Started With Ottawa! Hail to Ottawa !!!

FREEDOM CONVOY USA Day 10 - People's Convoy 22 - Livestream

Heading to Sullivan Mo.

Exposing "Profits before health"

F i n a l l y,  i t  h a s  c o m e  t o  A m e r i c a

Live – Day 9 of The Peoples Convoy. Heading to Ohio

March 2, 2022

A Call Out To All Canadian Truckers

Feb. 21, 2022 -

Live – Day 10 of The Peoples Convoy Headed to Indiana

Ottawa Police Confiscate Fuel From Truckers At 302 Conventry RD.

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Video from Pastor Henry Hildebrandt taken at 302 Coventry Road, Truck Camp in Ottawa for Freedom Convoy 2022.

A Message to All Truckers and The World

Comment: You must first understand your "sovereignty" and your constitution. I will explain to you what is truth, then you must act upon it.

Feb. 19, 2022 - Christopher James brings it home to the amazing truckers explaining to the world the simple solution now moving forward.


Show us that COVID19 SARS-CoV-2 was isolated and purified?
FOI = freedom of information act

3 Important Questions:

  1. Do you claim "i" (me as a person) as property?
  2. Produce the contract to show that "i" have relinquished my God given rights and that you have jurisdiction over me.
  3. Produce the contract "i" have with the service corporation (Canada, Ontario, etc.) that you represent.

There is NO jurisdiction over We The People.


Prenom NOM - 8th Parliamentary termFeb. 23, 2022 - Christine Anderson is a German patriot and politician who currently serves as an Alternative for Germany (AfD) Member of the European Parliament. She is a strong advocate for freedom and democracy all around the world.

Canadian Patriots Support Truckers

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Comments: Canadian Patriots stand with the truckers!

Comment: "Our police and military are a disgrace. They allow the treason against good Canadian people to continue unabated."


Peoples’ Convoy Site

We Oppose Biden’s Mandatory Vaccine Plan

Joe Biden is doubling down on his vaccination push. Get vaccinated or else. But the consequences are severe for families in this joyous time of year. Many with religious objections are pitted against the principles of their faith.
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Day 1 of ‘The People’s Convoy’: Adelanto, Calif. to Kingman, Ariz.

Feb. 23, 2022 - The first day of Bill Maher Rips on Justin Trudeau - Real Time with Bill Maher February 11 2022The People's Convoy kicked off Wednesday. One America's Stefan Kleinhenz has more.

Trudeau Revokes Emergencies Act Against ‘Freedom Convoy’ Blockades: ‘The Situation is No Longer An Emergency’

Feb. 23, 2022 - In the face of strong opposition by the thousands of Canadians, ‘The situation is no longer an emergency.’ The citizens' reaction to Trudeau's harsh measures including freezing bank accounts of the truckers and most who donated, was met with over 21 % of the population withdrawing funds from their bank accounts, including the opposition within Trudeau's cabinet, the emergency was withdrawn. 

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