Ukraine Was Secretly Developing Nuclear Weapons

Ukraine Was Secretly Developing Nuclear Weapons With Israel’s Help and It Was Close to Obtaining Them,

March 6, 2022 - Ukraine asked NATO for air cover when Russia chose to attack Ukraine’s nuclear weapons facility in Kharkiv.  There, Israeli scientists, working with former Soviet nuclear scientists sent from the US and bolstered by critical stockpiles of polonium and other materials sent from the US, Ukraine has been building new hybrid “dirty bombs” and was nearly ready to test.

VT Investigations: VT has traced the ICBM technology used by North Korea, and these are not just advanced missiles but “top of the line” Soviet technology, using engines well beyond American capabilities. North Korean nuclear armed missiles are not just capable of hitting the United States, they are capable of getting through American missile defenses as well…with a high chance of success.

They are so good because they come from Ukraine, from the missile factory above, according to the New York Times in an article we quote below.

But what we also know is that North Korea’s nuclear arsenal largely comes from Ukraine as well, from Soviet missiles abandoned there that were later supposedly transferred to the US for dismantling but never made it.  All records were destroyed, according to IAEA investigator and VT editor Jeff Smith.

Smith says the guts of these weapons, pits of both plutonium and uranium, were traded, hundreds of them (350).  Some, particularly those of plutonium, were “pit matched” and remachined in Mali with data supplied by traitors at the very highest levels of the US Department of Energy and the White House, Bush 41, Clinton and Bush 43.These nukes were used on 9/11, dropped on Syria, Donbass, Yemen and used in terror attacks like Khobar Towers…all covered up by the same press that is attacking Russia. VT  and SouthFront

A South Africa-based Israeli businessman, Asher Karni, was arrested in Denver on New Year’s Day and accused of using front companies and falsified documents to buy nuclear bomb triggers in the United States for shipment to Pakistan.

Another South Africa-based suspect, identified only as Gerhard W., was arrested in Germany in August and accused of acting as a middleman in a 2001 request to provide pipes to Libya for use in a uranium enrichment facility. A company in South Africa manufactured the pipes, but they apparently were not delivered to Libya, prosecutors there said. NBC News

March 6, 2022 - To a casual observer, it would seem as if Russia is the aggressor in Ukraine, ‘invading’ its neighbour, while Ukraine is forced to ‘defend’ itself from Russian aggression. There are always two sides to a story, and the other side of the story which the mainstream media conveniently ignores, is the fact that eight years ago, a democratic government in Ukraine was overthrown by neo-Nazi groups, supported openly by The United States and NATO. … by Shyam Yadagiri, for VT India / VT