Using the Power of Quantum Physics to Create Pathways

The Law of Vibration

Everything from thoughts to radiant energy from the sun run at a frequency and through out life. We are constantly turning this frequency to different radio channels to get information to survive.

The Law of One

April 14, 2022 - The Law of One says that we all, including Earth herself, are "mind-body-spirit complexes." I know from quantum physics that when someone creates the right path of attention, others in the vicinity of that attention space, can find that same path when they are ready, flow into it and shift energies. This energetically moves the entire group of humanity.

Several voices over the years have said that we collectively moved at 2012 from service to self to the consciousness level of "we are One." (However unaware individuals may remain about this.)

The Law of One - Barbara DeLong Spiritual Empath and Psychic